Thursday, September 13, 2012

Rc.No.54/D1-4/2012 Tribunal Order Copy on School Assistant Language Promotions

Tribunal Order Copy on School Assistant Language Post Promotions should be given by common seniority of Language Pandits and SGTs (secondary grade teachers).

Proceedings of the Commissioner and Director of School Education, Andhra Pradesh, Hyderabad.
Proceedings Rc.No.54/D1-4/2012 Dated:12.09.2012
Subject: Suits - APAT Judgement on Promotions to School Assistant Languages - Request to issue neccassary instructions to the DEOs - Honorable Tribunal Orders Communicated.
Read: Honorable APAT Orders Dated 31.08.2012 in OA No.198 of 2012 with VMA 74 of 2012 and VMA 232 of 2012,  OA No.262/2012 with VMA 80/2012, OA No.2012/2012 with VMA No.76/2012 and VMA No.233/2012, OA No.6694/2012 with VMA No.79/2012...........

Further the concerned District Educational Officers are requested to take further action in the matter accordingly.

Download Full Proceedings Copy

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