SSA TN RC.No.831 SMC Meetings on Last Friday

The SPD's (State Project Director), Sarva Siksha Abhiyan, Chennai, instructions for conducting SMC Meetings on Last Friday of every month.
RC.No.831/C2/SMC/SSA/2013, Dated: .07.2013
Sub: SSA – School Management Committee meeting - Reg
Ref: 1. G.O Ms No 213/ C2/ School Education Department, Dt : 26.12.2011
2. G.O Ms No 126/ C2/ School Education Department, Dt : 25.05.2012
3. Proceedings of SPD, RC.No 831/C2/SMC/2012, Dt :18.102012
4. 831/C2/ SMC / SSA/2013, Dated : 26.06.2013

In accordance with the G.O.Ms No. 213 School Education Department, dated 26.12.2011 and G.O. Ms No. 126 School Education Department, dated 25.05.2012 all the Government and Government Aided schools should have constituted School Management Committees.
In the reference cited it has already been instructed to all the District Officials that the SMC meeting to be conducted on last Friday of every month. In this connection the Additional Chief Educational Officers are informed to ensure that the monthly meetings are held in every school without fail on the stipulated day. The details of the schools which have not conducted SMC meeting without obtaining the prior permission from ACEO should be reported to this office through the revised review format enclosed on or before 5th of every month. Additional Chief Educational Officers are also instructed to call for explanation from Head Masters who have not conducted the SMC meetings on the stipulated day. This may be treated as most


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