G.O Ms.No.37 Dated 10.02.2014

AP State Govt G.O Ms.No.37 Dated 10.02.2014. CFMS - Online Collection of Employees Data Last Date 25.02.2014
Finance Department – Comprehensive Financial Management System (CFMS) – Human Resources Management under CFMS - Online Collection of Employees’ data through Web-based application for implementation of HRMS Module and issue of Health Cards – Extension of time to upload the data - Further Orders – Issued
FINANCE (SMPC.II) DEPARTMENT, G.O Ms.No.37 Dated 10.02.2014
Read the following:
1.G.O.Ms.No.334, Finance (SMPC.II) Department, dated: 13.12.2013
2.Circular Memo No. 32708-A/333/A2/SMPC.II/2013, Dated: 28.12.2013
3.G.O.Ms.No.16, Finance (SMPC.II) Department, dated: 18.01.2014
4.G.O.Ms.No.22, Finance (SMPC.II) Department, dated: 28.01.2014
After reviewing the progress and considering the request for extension of time, Government hereby extend the time for uploading the data of employees including final submission (where entry is not done) upto February 25, 2014 with a clear indication that no further extension of time will be given in any circumstances. However, the data already entered shall be submitted before 11.02.2014 in order that further action can be taken with regard to issue of health cards to such employees whose data is readily available. DDOs have to therefore to confirm/submit those records in the web application before February 11, 2014
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