Monday, March 3, 2014

Andhra Pradesh State Reorganization Act 2014

Andhra Pradesh State Reorganization Act 2014. AP Reorganization Act 2014. Telangana State Formation Act 2014. Telangana Gazette Notification 2014.
Part 1: Preliminary
Part 2:
Reorganisation of The State of Andhra Pradesh.
3. Formation of Telangana State.
4. State of Andhra Pradesh and territorial divisions thereof.
5. Hyderabad to be common capital for States of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh.
6. Expert Committee for setting up of a capital for Andhra Pradesh.
7. Governor of existing State of Andhra Pradesh to be common Governor.
8. Responsibility of Governor to protect residents of common capital of Hyderabad.
9. Assistance of police forces from the Central Government to the successor States,etc.
10. Amendment of the First Schedule to the Constitution.
11. Saving powers of State Governments
Part 3:
The Council of States
12. Amendment of the Fourth Schedule to the Constitution.
13. Allocation of sitting members.
The House of the People
14. Representation in House of the People.
15. Delimitation of Parliamentary and Assembly Constituencies.
16. Provision as to sitting members.
The Legislative Assembly
17. Provision as to Legislative Assemblies.
18. Allocation of sitting members.
19. Composition of provisional Legislative Assembly of Telangana.
20. Duration of Legislative Assemblies.
21. Speaker and Deputy Speaker.
22. Rules of procedure.
The Legislative Councils
23. Provisional Legislative Council for successor States.
24. Legislative Council for successor States.
25. Amendment of Delimitation of Council Constituencies Order.
26. Chairman.
Delimitation of Constituencies
27. Delimitation of Constituencies.
28. Power of Election Commission to maintain Delimitation Orders up-to-date.
Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes
29. Amendment of Scheduled Castes Order.
30. Amendment of Scheduled Tribes Order.
Part 4: High Court
31. High Court of Judicature at Hyderabad to be common High Court till establishment
of High Court of Andhra Pradesh.
32. High Court of Andhra Pradesh.
33. Judges of Andhra Pradesh High Court.
34. Jurisdiction of Andhra Pradesh High Court.
35. Special provision relating to Bar Council and advocates.
36. Practice and procedure in Andhra Pradesh High Court.
37. Custody of seal of Andhra Pradesh High Court.
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