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Onam Festival Advance G.O No.360 for Kerala Employees

Onam Festival Advance G.O (P) No.368/2014/Fin. Dated 25th August 2014. Kerala Govt Onam Advance for Employees. Kerala Onam Festival Advance G.O.

Onam Festival Advance G.O No.360 for Kerala Govt Employees

Advance - Onam Advance to Government Employees, Part-time Contingent Employees, NMR workers, Grass Cutters and other categories of employees for 2014 - Sanctioned -Finance (Loans) Department.

G.O (P) No.368/2014/Fin. Dated, Thiruvananthapuram,25'h August 2014
Read:- 1. G.O.( P) No.431/13/Fin Dated 05.09.2013.
2. G.O.(MS) No.432/13/Fin Dated 05.09.2013

1.Government are pleased to order that Onam Advance of Rs.10, 000/- will be paid to all Government employees. The amount will be paid in multiples of Rs. 1000/-subject to a maximum of Rs.10,000/-. The amount of advance will be recovered in five equal monthly installments as usual and the same will be drawn and disbursed from 03.09.2014 onwards.
2.Government are also pleased t o order that Onam Advance @ Rs. 2000/ - will be paid to the
following categories of employees subject to t he conditions stipulated in Notes 1 to 3 under
Ar t icle 250(1) of Kerala Financial Code Volume-1.
(i) Part -time Contingent Employees
(ii ) Permanent Workers in Agricultural farms, NMR workers and Seasonal Workers of all Departments.
(iii) Permanent Laborers in Government Departments
(i v) Workers of Regional Workshop under the PWD and the Dredger & Dry-dock workers at Alappuzha
(v) Family Planning Voluntary Workers
(vi) Anganwadi Workers & Helpers
(vii) Non-Permanent Workers in t he Agriculture, Animal Husbandry and Dairy Development and Spraying Workers under the scheme for spraying coconut palms to control leaf rot diseases & CLR workers of all Departments
( viii) Grass Cutters in t he Mounted Police Wing

The advance will be given either on the joint responsibility of the permanent and non permanent workers or on the joint responsibility of another non-permanent worker of the same farm, provided further that i t is duly guarant eed by the concerned labour union and provided that all previous advances of the concerned labourer had been recovered in full.

The advance will be given only to those workers who will continue to be employed by the respective Farm/Local Body during t he period of recovery of advance. The recovery of advance given in respect of Coconut Spraying workers will be effected by the Local Bodies concerned and will be watched by t he Agriculture Department

Similar categories of employees of t he Local Bodies namely Municipal Corporations, Municipalities, Guruvayur Township and Panchayat will be granted the advance at the option of the Local Bodies if the financial position of the Local Bodies concerned will permit.

The advance will be recovered in five equal monthly installments in respect of categories (i ) t o ( vii) and in 21 weekly installments in t he cases of persons getting weekly wages under it em ( viii). The advance will be drawn and disbursed from 03. 09. 2014 onwards

Download G.O (P) No.368/2014/Fin. Dated 25th August 2014 for more information

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