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AP Runa Mafi List of Farmers for Crop Loan Waiver Scheme

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AP Runa Mafi List of Farmers for Crop Loan Waiver

AP Runa Mafi List of farmers for Crop Loan Waiver will likely be displayed online on the 10th of November. Nationalized Banks such as State Bank of India (SBI), SBH, ADB, Andhra Bank, Cooperative Bank Etc will also publish account holders details which are eligible for AP Rythu Runa Mafi/AP Crop Loan Waiver. AP Runa Mafi List of Eligible farmers will be displayed online in Andhra Pradesh Govt website. AP Crop Loan Waiver Scheme will be implemented in Andhra Pradesh for Agricultural Loans of all districts. State Government directly or through notified agencies will settle the claim received from respective banks and pass on the benefit online, to the account of the beneficiary(s)/farmers.

Eligibility Criteria for AP Runa Mafi

AP Runa Mafi Eligibility: For purposes of loan waiver family is taken as a unit. The total amount of loan waived for all eligible purposes from all banks taken together cannot exceed the ceiling of Rs.1.50 lakhs fixed for the waiver. The total amount eligible for waiver (AP Runa Mafi) shall be limited to crop loan and agriculture gold loan for crop purposes and short term credit converted into MT loan subject to the ceiling prescribed for family. The total amount that can be waived will be the aggregate of actual amount outstanding in the respective loan accounts of family subject to a ceiling of Rs.1.50 lakh, for crop loan or gold loan or converted crop loan jointly for family. The benefit should be limited to Rs.1.50 lakhs per family.

AP Runa Mafi Waiver Procedure

Where a family has taken loan from more than one bank/ institution, the bank/institution which has retained the original pattadar pass book while giving loan will get the priority. If the lending was against different survey numbers for different banks, the benefit would be distributed on pro-rata basis. The benefit thus shared sh all be entered in the respective Pattadar pass book/s of the family and the concerned Branch Manager shall put his signature and seal on the pass book.

ii. If it is more than the ceiling, the waived amount will be limited to the ceiling prescribed by the Government. The branch manager concerned will affix their seal and signature after recording the amount in the Pattadar pass book/LEC card.

iii. In respect of beneficiaries who had already repaid the loan, the eligible amount would be credited to the saving bank account of the beneficiary and he would be permitted to draw the amount.

iv.As regards those who had not repaid the loan, the waiver amount would be credited to the loan account of family and the outstanding balance would be reduced to that extent, as per the method mention in para 16 (a), (b) and (c).

v. If the loan outstandings of the beneficiary are higher than the waiver extended by the Government under the Scheme, the balance will be paid by the beneficiary concerned.

vi.Crop Insurance claims of family as and when received, should be appropriated to the Government, to the extent of the amount waived and balance if any, beyond waiver limit shall be credited to farmer’ account.


Farmers of all 13 districts of Andhra Pradesh can check the online runa mafi list to check whether their name/account is included for the AP Crop Loan Waiver/AP Runa Mafi. Here are the district wise District Collector's websites. Rythu Runa Mafi Lists may be uploaded into the district websites.

East Godavari
West Godavari
State Bank of India
State Bank of Hyderabad
List of Persons for AP Runa Mafi
Download AP Runa Mafi G.O copy for more information


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  2. You make so many great points here that I read your article a couple of times. Your views are in accordance with my own for the most part. This is great content for your readers. NIW

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