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G.O.MS.No.253 Dated 30.12.2014 AP CRDA Capital City

G.O.MS.No.253 Dated 30.12.2014. Andhra Pradesh/AP CRDA Capital Area. AP Capital Mandal/Villages in Guntur District. AP Capital Mandal/Villages in Krishna District

Municipal Administration & Urban Development Department - Andhra Pradesh Capital Region Development Authority Act, 2014 - Declaration of A.P. Capital Region – Orders - Issued.

G.O.MS.No. 253 Dated: 30.12.2014

Read the following:
1.  Andhra Pradesh Capital Region Development Authority Act, 2014 (Act.No.11 of 2014 )
2.  G.O.Ms.No.252, MA&UD Dept., Dated:30.12.2014

The Andhra Pradesh Capital Region Development Authority Act, 2014 has come into force with effect from 30th day of December, 2014 by virtue of notification published in the Extra-ordinary issue Andhra Pradesh Gazette, dated: 30.12.2014.

2. The Government have consulted experts in urban development and various public organizations with regard to appropriate location of capital city. The Government have also considered various aspects of location of the capital keeping in view welfare of the state population, administrative efficiency and accessibility to all corners of the state.

3. The Government in exercise of the powers under sub section 1 of Section 3 of Andhra Pradesh Capital Region Development Authority Act, 2014 hereby notify the areas covering broadly an area of about 7068 Sq. Kms as detailed in the schedule to the notification appended here to, as Andhra Pradesh Capital Region which is meant for development under the provisions of the Andhra
Pradesh Capital Region Development Authority Act-2014.

4. The appended notification shall be published in the Extra-ordinary issue of Andhra Pradesh Gazette dated: 30.12.2014. The Commissioner, Printing, Stationery & Stores Purchase, Hyderabad is requested to arrange to publish the said notification accordingly and furnish 150 copies of the notification to the Government

In exercise of the power conferred by sub-section 1 of Section 3 of A.P. Capital Region Development Authority Act, 2014 having regard to the Public Welfare and accessibility to all part of the state other relevant considerations, the Governor of Andhra Pradesh hereby specifies the area mentioned in the schedule hereunder including both urban and rural areas as A.P. Capital Region under the A.P. Capital Region Development Authority Act, 2014.

Download G.O Ms.No.253 Dated 30.12.2014 for district wise Mandals and Villages covered in Guntur and Krishna Districts.

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Summative 2 Question Papers 2014 Class wise Subject Wise

Summative 2 Question Papers 2014-2015. Summative 2 Model Papers 2014. Class 1, Class 2, Class 3, Class 4, Class 5, Class 6, Class 7, Class 8, Telugu, English, Maths, EVS, Science SA 2 Model Papers.

Summative 2 Question Papers 2014

Summative 2 Question Papers of Telugu, English, Maths, EVS, Science, Social Studies for Class 1, Class 2, Class 3, Class 4, Class 5, Class 6, Class 7, Class 8 examinations are now available online. Teachers can download these SA 2 Papers to prepare Summative 2 Question Papers on their own. Sumative 2 Examinations are scheduled to be held from the 15th of December 2014. Teachers need to conduct the examination with papers prepared in the school complex, or they have to prepare Summative 2 Papers on their own, but not to download from Internet. The following papers will give you an idea how to prepare the question papers.

Summative 2 Examination Schedule

Primary Classes:
15.12.2014: Telugu
16.12.2014: English
17.12.2014: Maths
18.12.2014: EVS
Upper Primary Classes
15.12.2014: Telugu
16.12.2014: Hindi
17.12.2014: English
18.12.2014: Maths
19.12.2014: Physical Science
20.12.2014: Natural Science
22.12.2014: Social Studies

Download SA 2 Model Papers

Class 1: Telugu - English - Maths - EVS
Class 2: Telugu - English - Maths - EVS
Class 3: Telugu - English - Maths - EVS
Class 4: Telugu - English - Maths - EVS
Class 5: Telugu - English - Maths - EVS
Class 6:
Class 7:
Class 8:
Upper Primary SA 2 Papers will be uploaded soon.

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Runa Mafi G.O.MS.No. 220 Dated 11.12.2014

Runa Mafi G.O.MS.No. 220 Dated 11.12.2014. AP Runa Mafi Grievance G.O. No.220

Agricultural Debt Redemption scheme 2014: Guidelines for Implementation of the scheme - Constitution of Mandal Level /Divisional Level Grievances Redressal Committees-issued

FINANCE (B&IF) DEPARTMENT, G.O.MS.No. 220, Dated 11.12.2014

Read the following:-
1.  G.O.Ms.No.174 Finance (IF) Department, dt.14.08.2014.
2.  G.O.Ms.No.218 Finance (IF) Department, dt.04.12.2014.
3.  G.O.Ms.No.2583 Finance (EBS-II-A&C) Department, dt.18.10.2014.
4.  G.O.Ms.No.2584 Finance (EBS-II-A&C) Department, dt.18.10.2014.

In partial modification of the GOs cited, the following modifications have been issued:
In the reference 1st read above, the Government issued operational guidelines for implementing the debt redemption scheme to  farmers of Andhra Pradesh. Accordingly, collection of data in 34 columns Template from Banks /RRB’s/DCCB’s etc; has since been completed and the 1st phase of list containing 22.79 lakh eligible farmers for providing relief, is made available to the bank-branches / concerned Mandal Revenue Officer and the beneficiary-farmers. W.e.f. from 10.12.2014.

2. The farmer’s accounts that could not be processed /cleared during the 1st phase for want of details of documents such as Ration Card, Aadhaar etc; are being given another opportunity for verification/submission of the required details in the 2nd phase. National Information Center (NIC) will publish the list of such loan accounts in their portal. This list of will be made available to the bank-branches and placed in public domain for rectification and reprocessing w.e.f. 10.12.2014.


3. On page 4 of GO 2nd read above, against item 18, details with regard to submission of online grievance and Mandal Level Grievance Redressal Committee have been furnished. In partial modification of these guidelines, the Government has now decided to keep in place a three-tier grievance redressal mechanism to deal with grievance effectively, details of which are as follows:

1. A Mandal-Level Committee where the Mandal Revenue Officer will be the Nodal Officer / convener. The concerned Branch Manager and Agriculture Officer of the Mandal will be the other members of the Committee.

2. Revenue Divisional Officer of the concerned Revenue Division will be the appellate authority for the grievances which could not be resolved by the Mandal Revenue Officer –Committee mentioned above.

3. The final level is the District Level Grievance Redressal Committee. The format for on-line accessing for filing of grievances is available at

Download G.O Ms.No.220 Dated 11.12.2014 for more information.


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AP Farmers Loan Status AP Farmers Loan Status. AP Runa Mafi List Status with Aadhar Number/Ration Card/Account Number

AP Farmers Loan Status can be checked online at Govt of AP has published AP Runa Mafi List of Farmers online in this website. Farmers can check their Crop Loan Status by visiting the website. Farmers need to enter their Aadhar Number or Ration Card Number or their Bank Account Number (Loan Account Number). After submitting these details, farmers have to enter the security code which is displayed near the Aadhar Number field as shown in the following image. After entering the security code they have to click the "Get" button. On pressing button, details of the account holder will be displayed on the screen.


A total of 40,43,169 bank accounts are eligible for AP Runa Mafi Scheme. About 22,79,018 families will be benefited from this scheme. The TDP hs promised to waive the crop loans, DWCRA Loans during the general elections to the AP state assembly in April 2014. TDP manifesto has also contained information about AP Crop Loan Waiver. This has bought cheers among the farmers of Andhra Pradesh who have been patiently waiting for this to happen from a couple of months since the TDP has come into power in Andhra Pradesh. Accounts under Rs50,000 loan amount, will be cleared in one installment. Government issued orders for redemption of agricultural crop loans and gold loans availed for agricultural purpose, together not exceeding Rs 1.50 lakh per family.


Second List of Farmers for AP Runa Mafi Scheme will be released after few days.Verification and clearance of the remaining accounts will be undertaken during the second Phase.

AP Runa Mafi

Check Farmers Loan Status at

Friday, December 5, 2014

AP Runa Mafi Farmers List Online G.O Ms.No.218 Dated 4.12.2014

AP Runa Mafi List on 6th December 2014. G.O. Ms No.218 Dated 04.12.2014. AP Runa Mafi Online List on 6.12.2014. Rythu Runa Mafi. AP Runa Mafi Eligibility List of Farmers.

AP Runa Mafi List of Farmers will be declared on 6th December 2014. AP Runa Mafi Eligible Farmers List will be displayed online on 6.12.2014. AP Govt has issued G.O. Ms No.218 Dated 04.12.2014 regarding this. The following is the copy of G.O. Ms No.218 Dated 04.12.2014.

Farmers’ Empowerment Programme - Farmers’ Debt Redemption – Transfer of Funds by Rythu Sadhikara Samstha to the Farmers’ Accounts – Orders Issued FINANCE (EBS-II – A&C) DEPARTMENT, G.O. Ms No.218 Dated 04.12.2014

Read the following: 1.GO Ms No. 164 Finance (IF) Department dated 02.08.2014
2.GO Ms No. 174 Finance (IF) Department dated 14.08.2014
3.GO Ms No 20 of Planning (VII) Department dated 27.09.2014
4.G.O.Ms no 197 Finance (R&E) Department dated 04.10.2014
5.SLBC letter No 666/30/02/-B/577 dated 18.11.2014
6.GO Rt. No. 2583 and GO Rt. No 2584 of Finance (EBS II) Department dated 18.10.2014

Farmers’ Debt Redemption

3.Redemption of farmer’s debt has been one of the most important policy commitments of the Government to provide the much-needed private as well as public investment for productivity enhancement and value addition to the Agricultural sector. The Government’s objective is to provide the much-deserved and long awaited relief to the farm families who have been pauperized over the years by moneylenders, unregulated micro-finance institutions (MFIs), and grossly inadequate investment in agriculture over a decade.

Procedure for Transfer of Funds

9.The Rythu Sadhikara Samstha shall be the Nodal Agency to co-ordinate, supervise, and monitor all activities relating to the Farmers’ Debt Redemption Scheme. The Samstha will transfer funds received from the Government in the reference sixth read above, through an Escrow Account to be established for the purpose of Farmers’ Debt Redemption. The Samstha will facilitate all Banks participating in the Farmers’ Debt Redemption Scheme to establish an Escrow Nodal Account for the Farmers’ Debt Redemption at the Head / Zonal / Regional level, as per the convenience of the concerned Bank.

10.Based on the details of farmer families cleared for debt redemption by the Government in the first phase – communicated through NIC / Finance Department – the Rythu Sadhikara Samstha will order for transfer of amount eligible for redemption to each Bank Branch. Based on this authorisation, the participating Banks will transfer the authorised funds from the Escrow Nodal account to their Bank Branches. Each Bank Branch will establish a ‘Escrow Current Account’ to be utilised for the exclusive purpose of receiving and managing funds relating to the ‘Farmers’ Debt Redemption’ Scheme

11.The Branch Manager shall be responsible for careful verification of the beneficiary account cleared under the Debt Redemption Scheme, confirm the outstanding balance based on the Bank records, tally with their books, verify the correctness of the amount authorised for transfer for debt redemption by the Rythu Sadhikara Samstha. The Branch Manager shall appropriate the insurance claim, if any, received from the Agriculture Insurance Company of India Ltd (AIC), by notionally reducing the outstanding balances in the respective accounts as on 31 December 2013, before computing the amount of benefit.

12.The Branch Managers shall obtain an application-cum-affidavit from each beneficiary family in the format to be prescribed by the Rythu Sadhikara Samstha before transferring the benefit to the beneficiary account. The Branch Manager will transfer the debt redemption entitlement amount to the farmers’ loan account. The farmers who receive benefit under the Scheme are eligible for fresh finance from the lending institution, including additional amount, if any required and found eligible. Where the amount of redemption is less than the outstanding amount, fresh loan will be sanctioned, if requested, depending on eligibility


Download G.O. Ms No.218 Dated 04.12.2014 for more information
AP Runa Mafi Lists

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Godavari Pushkaram 2015 from 14.07.2015 to 25.07.2015

Godavari Pushkaram 2015. Godavari Pushkaram Dates. G.O.RT.No.1101 Dated 03.12.2014. Godavari Pushkaram Schedule 2015. Godavari Pushkaralu 2015.

Govt of AP has released a G.O Rt.No.1101 Dated 3.12.2014 regarding Godavari Pushkaralu. Godavari Pushkaram will start from 14th July 2015 and ends on 25th July 2014. The following is the G.O Copy which tells about the pushkaralu.

ENDOWMENTS DEPARTMENT – Godavari Pushkarams, 2015 – Commencement of Godavari
Pushkarams, 2015 from 14-07-2015 to 25-07-2015 – Orders – Issued

From the Commissioner, Endowments Department, A.P.Hyderabad Lr. No.B1/14980/2014, dt.26-08-2014 along with letter of E.O.Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams, Tirupati dated 23-08-2014.

In the reference read above the Commissioner, Endowments Department , Andhra  Pradesh, Hyderabad has informed that she has obtained the opinion of Sri Tangirala Prabhakara Poornaiah Siddhanti, the Asthana Sddhanti of Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanms, Tirupati and as per his opinion the Godavari Pushkarams, 2015 will commence from 06.26 A.M on 14-07-2015 and continue for 12 days i.e till 25-07-2015.
The Commissioner, Endowments Department has requested the Government to issue orders on the dates of Godavari Pushkarams, 2015.
2.  Government after careful examination of the matter have decided to declare that the Godavari Pushkarams, 2015 to Godavari River will commence from 06.26 A.M. on 14-07-2015 and continue for 12 days i.e till 25-07-2015.
3.  The following Notification shall be issued in the extra-ordinary issue of Andhra Pradesh Gazette on 05-12-2014.
The Government of Andhra Pradesh hereby notify that the Godavari Pushkarams, 2015 to Godavari River will commence from 6.26 A.M. on 14.07.2015 and continue for 12 days i.e till 25-07-2015.

Download  G.O.RT.No.1101 Dated 03.12.2014 about Godavari Pushkaram for more information.

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