Medical Reimbursement Forms

Medical Reimbursement. Medical Reimbursement Forms. Medical Reimbursement Proposal Forms.
Medical Reimbursement: Important Certificates to be produced along with Medical Reimbursement proposals.
1. Annexure – II (with amount, signature of the applicant and attestation)
2. Emergency certificate (with signature and stamp of hospital/treated doctor)
3. Essentiality certificate (with signature and stamp of hospital/treated doctor. The amount in the Essentiality Certificate should tally with amount in the Annexure-II).
4. Discharge Summary (with signature and stamp of hospital/treated doctor)
5. Out Patient Card if treatment taken as Out Patient.
6. Dependent and Non-drawl certificates (with attestation of the forwarding authority and signature of the applicant).
7. For every follow up treatment for post operative cases, who requires life long treatments, the concerned patient has to get revalidation of prescriptions once in six months from the specialist Government doctor.
8. In case of accident cases and treatment taken in un-recognised hospitals under emergency, FIR should be submitted.
9. Legal Heir certificate should be submitted in case of death of the teacher
Important websites for Medical Reimbursement.
1.Director of Medical Education
2. Medical Reimbursement Online Status
3. LIST OF HOSPITALS RECOGNIZEDThe Medical Reimbursement should be submitted to this office with the following documents
2.Essentiality Certificate
3.Emergency Certificate
4.Detailed Inpatient/Discharge Bill
5.Discharge Summary

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