Tamil Nadu Revised Scales of Pay, 2009

Finance (CMPC) Department,
                                                                   Fort St. George,
                                                                   Chennai – 600 009.

                        Letter No. 14483 / CMPC / 2011—1, dated: 05--01—2012.

Principal Secretary to Government.

The Director, School Education,  Chennai-6.
The Director, Elementary Education, Chennai - 6
The Director, Adi Dravidar Tribal Welfare Welfare, Chennai – 5.
The Director, Backward Classes / Most Backward Classes Welfare, Chennai – 5.
The Accountant General (Accounts & Entitlements), Chennai- 600 018.
The Principal Accountant General (Audit.I & II), Chennai-600 018.
The Accountant General (CAB), Chennai-600 009 / Madurai.
The Commissioner, Treasuries and Accounts, Chennai – 15.
The Director of Pension, DMS Complex, Chennai-600 006.
The Director, Local Fund Audit, Chennai – 108.
The Pension Pay Officer, Chennai- 600 006.
The Pay and Accounts Officer,( Secretariat / North / South / East) Chennai-9/ 1 / 35 / 8.
The Pay and Accounts Officer, Madurai - 625 001.
All Treasury Officers / Sub-Treasury Officers.
All Commissioners of Corporations and Municipal Commissioners.


   Sub:    Tamil Nadu Revised Scales of Pay, 2009 – Revision of scale of pay of certain
           categories   of   Teachers   --   Fixation   of   pay in   the   Selection   Grade   /   Special
           Grade – Clarification – Issued.

   Ref:    1.    G.O.Ms.No.234, Finance (PC) Department, dated: 1-6-2009.
           2.   G.O.Ms.No.235, Finance (PC) Department, dated: 1-6-2009.
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               dated: 25--11—2011.
           13. Representations        from   various    Teachers     /  Pensioners    Associations     /
                Individuals / Retired Employees.

I am to invite your attention to the references cited.

         2) In the Government Orders sixth and eighth cited, orders have been issued
revising the scales of pay of the following teaching categories notionally with effect
from 1—1—2006 with monetary benefit from 1—1—2011:-

 Sl.             Name of the post                  Existing scale of pay       Revised scale of pay
 No.                                                   + Grade Pay                  + Grade Pay
                                                            Rs.                           Rs.
  1.     B.T. Assistant                           9300—34800 + 4400            9300—34800 + 4600
 2.      P.G. Assistant                          9300—34800 + 4600             9300—34800 + 4800
 3.      Head Master (Primary School)            9300—34800 + 4300             9300—34800 + 4500
 4.      Head Master (Middle School)             9300—34800 + 4500             9300—34800 + 4700
 5.      Head Master (High School)               9300—34800 + 4600             9300—34800 + 4800

         3)  Various   Teacher   Associations   /   Pensioners   Associations   /   Individuals   /
Retired Teachers have requested clarification on the fixation of pay in the Selection
Grade / Special Grade posts respectively, consequent on the revision of                       Ordinary
Grade   scales   of   pay   of   the   categories   of   posts   mentioned   above.     Similarly,   the
Accountant       General    has    also   sought    clarification   as  to  whether     the   restrictive
provision as mentioned in para-4 (i) of the Government letter third cited is applicable
in respect of Teachers.

         4)   The   issue   has   been   examined   in   detail   in   consultation   with   the   School
Education Department and also with the Directors of School Education / Elementary
Education.      Based     on   the   remarks    furnished     by  the   Heads     of  Departments       in
accordance   with   the   service   rules   the   issue   of   allowing   Selection   Grade   /   Special
Grade     scales of pay to Teachers          as indicated in Annexure—I of the Government
letter third cited has been examined by Government.  As per the provisions in adhoc
rules, it has been reported that the first level  and second level promotion post for the
post of B.T. Assistant (Rs.9300—34800 + Grade Pay                  Rs.4600) is Head Master High
School      (Rs.9300—34800          +  Grade     Pay     Rs.4800)       and   Head     Master     Higher
Secondary  School   (if   qualified)   /    District   Educational   Officer (Rs.15600—39100   +
Grade Pay      Rs.5700),     for Head Master High School (Rs.9300—34800 + Grade Pay
Rs.4800) is P.G. Assistant (Rs.9300—34800 + Grade Pay                     Rs.4800) /     Head Master
Higher   Secondary   School  (if   qualified)   /     District   Educational   Officer   (Rs.15600—
39100 + Grade Pay of Rs.5700).              In respect of P.G. Assistant (Rs.9300—34800 +
Grade Pay      Rs.4800) first and second level promotion posts are Head Master Higher
Secondary School (Rs.15600—39100 + Grade Pay Rs.5700) and Chief Educational
Officer    (Rs.15600—39100   +   Grade   Pay   of   Rs.6600).   The   Primary   School   Head
Masters (Rs.9300—34800 + Grade Pay                 Rs.4500) and Middle School Head Masters
(Rs.9300—34800 + Grade Pay Rs.4700) those who have acquired B.A./ B.Sc./ B Lit.
plus   B.Ed. qualification alone are eligible for promotion            as B.T. Assistant in Middle
School    and Head Master        Middle School by virtue of their seniority.         Considering the
first   and   second   level   promotional   posts   of   the   Teachers,   they   are   entitled   for   the
revised Selection Grade / Special Grade scales of pay as indicated in Annexure—I
subject to the conditions stipulated in para—4(i) of the Government letter third cited.
Accordingly, I am directed to indicate the revised  Selection Grade / Special Grade
scales   of   pay  of   the   teachers   consequent   on   the   revision   of   their   Ordinary   Grade
scales of pay  in Government Orders sixth and eighth cited as shown below:--

Sl.      Name of the            Ordinary Grade              Selection Grade              Special   Grade
No.           post                scale of pay                 scale of pay               scale of pay
                                   + Grade Pay                 + Grade Pay                + Grade Pay
                                       Rs.                           Rs.                        Rs.
1.      B.T. Assistant        9300—34800 + 4600                9300—34800                15600—39100
                                                                 + 4800 *                    + 5700
2.      P.G. Assistant        9300—34800 + 4800               15600—39100                15600—39100
                                                                  + 5700                     + 6600
3.      Head Master          9300—34800 + 4500                15600—39100                15600—39100
       (Primary School)                                           + 5400                     + 5700
4.      Head Master          9300—34800 + 4700                15600—39100                15600—39100
       (Middle School)                                            + 5700                     + 6600
5.      Head Master          9300—34800 + 4800                15600—39100                15600—39100
       (High School)                                              + 5700                     + 6600

   [* Restricted to first level promotion post viz. Headmaster, High School]

  The   above Selection Grade / Special Grade scales of pay              is applicable only to Teachers
  awarded Selection Grade / Special Grade prior to 1--1--2006 and             Teachers who have opted
  for   the   revised   scale   of   pay   on   a   subsequent   date   between   1--1--2006   and   31--5--2009
  i.e. from   the date of their award of Selection Grade / Special Grade.             Further, the above
  Selection    Grade    /  Special   Grade    scales   of  pay   shall  also  take   notional   effect  from
  1—1—2006        or   from  the date   of   exercising   revised   option   as   the   case   may   be   and   with
  monetary benefit from 1—1—2011.

          5) The Heads of Department / Pay fixing authorities concerned are requested
  to fix the pay of teachers in the appropriate scales of pay indicated in para—4 above.
  Further, the Selection Grade / Special Grade scales of pay indicated above may also
  be   taken   into   account   for   the   purpose   of   revision   of   Pension   /   Family   Pension   in
  respect of the retired teachers who seek revision of their Pension / Family Pension
  with reference to para -2 (vi) of Government Order second cited.

                                                                          Yours faithfully,

                                                            for Principal Secretary to Government.

  Copy to:
  School Education Department, Chennai – 9.
  Adi-Dravidar and Tribal Welfare Department, Chennai – 9.
  Backward Classes, Most Backward Classes & Minorities Welfare Department, Chennai-9.
  Finance (Education / AD & TW / BC, MBC & MW) Department, Chennai – 9.
  Stock file / Spare copy.

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