Districtwise Second Grade Transfers Lists

Teachers Transfers List 2014

Rajasthan 2nd Grade Teachers Transfer Orders 2014: Download 
Transfer Orders of Lecturers: Download (9.10.2014)
Transfer Orders of Principals: Download (9.10.2014)
Transfer Orders of Head Masters: Download (9.10.2014)
Transfers Amendment Orders: Download
Transfers Orders of Third Grade Teachers: Download (2.10.2014)
Transfer Orders 1st Grade: Download (1.10.2014)
Transfer Orders: Download (1.10.2014)

First Grade:Download
Second Grade: Download
Third Grade: Download
Transfer 3rd grade in New Primary Schools order dated 07-10-2014: Download
Transfer 3rd Grade Lab Assistant and Librarian order dated 07-10-2014: Download

Transfer Orders 2013

Rajasthan Secondary Education Department Transfers Policy & Transfers Application Form 2013
Rajasthan 2nd Grade Teachers Subject - District wise Appointment Lists
Range Wise Second Grade Transfer Lists

Second Grade Transfer Lists 2012


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