NPEGEL Programme Guidelines 2012-13 Rc.443 Date 23-7-12

Proc.Rc.No.443/NPEGEL/RVM(SSA)/C7/2012, Date:23.07.2012

Sub:-RVM (SSA) Andhra Pradesh, Hyderabad – Communication of Guidelines in Telugu for Implementation of NPEGEL Programme in Model Cluster Schools during 2012-13 –Reg.

Ref: 1. Funds release Proceedings from FC.
2. AWP & B 2012-13.
3. Suggestive list of Activities for Implementation.

The attention of all the Project Officers, the SPD APMSS, the GCDOs and DPC’s of APMSS is invited to the references read above, wherein certain amounts under NPEGEL are approved and released to the district Project Offices, and requested to release the same to the accounts of School Management Committees for implementation of NPEGEL Activities, during 2012-13.

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