Proceedings Rc.No.450 Preparing CCE Model Question Papers

Proc. Rc.No.450/RVM(SSA)/C1/2012, Dated: 25.08.2012.
Sub: RVM (SSA), A. P., Hyderabad – Pedagogy Wing –: Communication of model unit and terminal test papers for classes I to VIII based on academic standards to DPOs - Reg.

All the District Educational Officers and the Project Officers of RVM (SSA) in the state are informed that the Pedagogy wing, SPO, RVM (SSA)has prepared the model unit and terminal test papers for classes I to VIII, which are designed as per the academic standards prescribed by SCERT in all subjects. They are further informed that the soft copies of these questions papers are being sent through e-mail and  the same may be communicated to school complexes and MRCs either through e-mail or by posting the materials in the website of concerned DPO. In turn the MEOs and School complex HMs shall be instructed to communicate
the materials to respective schools either through soft copies (e-mail, CD) or hard copies. The DEOs and POs are requested to send the proper instructions to the school HMs that these question papers are only model papers, the teachers of respective schools have to prepare their own question papers and conduct the test/examination accordingly. Further the DEOs and POs are also informed that preparation of question  papers for the unit test/terminal test shall be made as one of the agenda for the coming school complex meetings, this may enable the teachers to have thorough discussions on preparation of question papers, which will facilitate in preparation of teacher made tests to be conducted at the school level.

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