Transfer G.O No16

School Education Department – Promotions and consequent Transfers to the category of Headmasters Gr.II Gazetted in Government High Schools for 2009 – Permission accorded – Orders – Issued.
G.O.Ms.No.16 Dated: 26th January, 2009 Read the following:
1. From DSE., Hyderabad Lr.Rc.No.1200/D1-1/2008, dated 06-01-2009
2. G.O.Ms.No. 9, Education (Ser.II) Department, dated 23-01-2009.
3. G.O.Ms.No.15, Education (Ser.II) Department, dated 26-01-2009.
* * *
The Director of School Education in the reference 1st read above has requested the Government to issue transfer guidelines to regulate transfers of HMs Gr.II of Government Schools, HMs Gr.II Gazetted of ZPP High Schools and Transfer of Teachers of Andhra Pradesh Educational Subordinate Service Rules, on promotions and has also enclosed format of the orders for issue.
In the G.O. 2nd read above orders have been issued framing adhoc rules for the posts of HMs Gr.II Gazetted in the Government High Schools.
In the G.O. 3rd read above rules relating to regulation of promotions and transfers of the categories of HMs Gr.II Gazetted, S.As and SGTs and equivalent categories have been issued.
The Government, have taken into consideration the special circumstances under which G.O. 2nd read above has been issued and to obviate further denial of promotions to teachers who would retire shortly and the assurance of the teachers unions/ associations that (a) the promotions just before the public exams would not be allowed to cause any disruption in the teaching and completion of the syllabus / revision as all the teachers concerned would receive the promotion orders, join the new posts and immediately thereafter report back at the old posts to complete syllabus/ revision; (b) the teachers would not claim any allowances; (c) the teachers would claim the HRA and other allowances as admissible at the promotion posts; (d) all such promotion posts shall be available for general transfers. Accordingly, the following orders are issued: -
1. The following Committee is competent to make Promotions and Transfers:
(I) The Committee shall consist of the following:-
a. A Senior Officer of the Department nominated by the Director of School Education, not below the rank of a Joint Director.
b. The Regional Joint Director of School Education concerned or his nominee as the Member Secretary.
c. The District Educational Officer concerned as a Member:
(Senior Most Officer shall be the Chairman)
(i) The Committee shall be the competent authority for transfer of all Headmasters Gr.II Gazetted in the Government High Schools in the respective Zone.
(ii) The Regional Joint Director of School Education concerned shall be the competent authority to issue posting and transfer orders of the Headmasters Gr.II Gazetted working in Government High Schools, after the approval by the Committee.
(iii) The transfer orders shall be issued to all the Headmasters Gr.II in one proceedings only enclosing the names of the Headmasters Gr.II transferred and places of postings on transfer in the Annexure.
2. Posting Orders:
(a) Headmaster Gr.II Gazetted shall be transferred by taking their initial appointment in Zilla Parishad / Government Schools as criteria and shall be posted in the schools under the same management, irrespective of the present place of working.
(b) The transfers shall be effected within the Zone by way of counseling.
3. Date of relief, joining & other conditions:
(a) The Headmasters Gr.II Gazetted who are now transferred on promotion from School Assistants should be relieved from the present place of working. On receipt of the orders he/ she shall get relieved immediately i.e., within one day and join at the new school where now transferred. He/she shall within one day again come back to the original school (from where transferred) in order to ensure continuity of instruction, till he/she are relieved by the subject teacher School Assistant. If the relieving School Assistant is similarly given a direction to go back to his/ her original post, the promoted HM shall continue till the end of academic year or till further orders are issued by the DSE whichever is earlier.
(b) He / She shall not claim continuation in the promoted post as all such posts shall be made available for the general transfers counseling to be taken up in April / May or as per schedule to be communicated by Director of School Education, Hyderabad.
(c) If during general transfer counseling, he/ she fails to exercise his/ her option he/ she is liable to be transferred anywhere by the competent authority.
(d) The pay and allowances shall be drawn at the school where he/ she has been transferred now.
(e) He/ She shall not claim any other allowances for working at the old school as also agreed by the Associations/ Teacher Unions.
(f) He/ She is authorized to sign the pay bills of staff of school to which posted as Headmaster Gr.II Gazetted.
4. Appeal:
(i) An appeal against any order of the RJDSE shall lie with the Director of School Education within 10 days from the date of receipt of such order.
(ii) All such appeals shall be disposed off by the Director of School Education, A.P., Hyderabad within 30 days from the date of receipt of the appeal.
5. Powers of Appellate Authority:
(i) The Director of School Education who is the appellate authority may either suo-moto or on an application received from any person aggrieved by the orders of the Transfer Committee may call for and examine the records in respect of any proceedings of transfer of Headmasters Gr.II Gazetted to satisfy themselves about the regularity, legality or propriety. If, in any case, it appears to him that any such proceedings should be modified, annulled or reversed or remitted for reconsideration, he may pass orders accordingly or remand the case with any direction so as to rectify any violation of rules or discrepancy. Such orders shall be implemented by the authority concerned.
(ii) The Appellate authority may stay the implementation of any such proceedings, pending exercise of its powers under sub-rule (1) above.
6. All the Promotions and consequent transfers issued under these rules are adhoc under 10(a) of Andhra Pradesh State and Subordinate Service Rules and shall be subject to review depending on the final out come of SLP Nos.22597-612/2007 and 8874/07 pending in the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India and any case pending in Hon’ble High Court of Andhra Pradesh / Andhra Pradesh Administrative Tribunal, Hyderabad.
This order issues with the concurrence of Finance Department, vide their U.O. No. 6640/1523/A2/W&M/2008, dated 30-12-2008.
The Director, Printing, Stationary & Stores Purchases, A.P. Hyderabad (for
Publication in the A.P. Gazettee and for supply of 1500 copies)
The Director of School Education, A.P. Hyderabad
All Regional Joint Directors of School Education.
All the District Collectors.
All the District Educational Officers.
Copy to:
The General Administration (Ser.) Department / Finance Department
/ MA & UD Department /PR & RD Department/ SW Department
The Commissioner, Panchayat Raj, Hyderabad.
The Commissioner & Director, Municipal Administration, Hyderabad.
The Commissioner, Social Welfare / Tribal Welfare, Hyderabad.
All Sections in School Education Department.
All Recognized Teachers Association, through Director of School Education,
1. Name
2. Designation
3. Subject
4. Medium
5. Date of Birth
6. Gender
7. Marital Status
8. Date of Joining in the present cadre
9. Present place of working in full form
10. Date from which the individual is working
in the present school / Institution
11. Date from which the individual is working
in the present village Panchayat / Town / City
12. % HRA drawn in the present school / Institution
13. In the case of drawing 10% HRA, the distance
Between school and the nearest Bus stage /
Railway Station.
14. Whether he/she is president or General Secretary
of the District /State of Recognized Association.
15. Whether spouse is employee of State Govt. / Central Govt./Public under takings/ Local Body / aided Institution working in the same district.
16. State whether the teacher is
i. Physically Handicapped (not less than 70%)
ii. Widow
iii. Legally separated single women.
iv. If he / she is suffering with the following diseases viz.
a. Cancer
b. Heart-surgery
c. Neuro-surgery
d. Bone-TB
e. Kidney Transplantation
v. Having Dependant children with mentally retarded disability and under treatment.
vi. Having Dependant children suffering Juvenile Diabetes and suffering with holes in Heart by birth under treatment.
17. Whether he / she is willing to work in Category-IV area.
18. Whether preferential cadre utilized within 8 years.
I _______________________ hereby declare that the particulars furnished by me are correct to the best of my knowledge and belief. If any particular is proved incorrect my candidature may be cancelled.
Note: Certificates against the points 14, 15 and 16(i),(iii),(iv),(v) & (vi) shall be enclosed.
Attested – Signature
Name of the Headmaster: Name of the applicant
Signature: Designation
Certified that the particulars furnished by the applicant are verified with reference to certificates, records of the school / institution and the Service Register of the individual and found correct.
Signature of the Dy.E.O/Head Master/MEO
Designation with Stamp
Note: The teachers who have submitted false information or certificates and the officers who have counter signed the information will be liable for disciplinary action as per rules in addition to filing of prosecution against them.

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