Applications from the eligible candidates are invited for the following posts on the prescribed form obtainable from the Assistant Registrar, Thapar Hall, PAU, Ludhiana. 

S. No. Name of the post Cost of Application Form Fee to be attached with Application Form in the Form of DD/ IPO
1 Dean, College of Home Science Rs.300 Rs.800
2 Additional Director of Communication Rs.300 Rs.800
3 Additional Director of Research (Crop Improvement) Rs.300 Rs.800
4 Additional Director of Research (Horticulture) Rs.300 Rs.800
5 Additional Director of Research (Natural Resources & Plant Health Management) Rs.300 Rs.800
6 Additional Director of Research (Food Science, Nutrition and Engineering) Rs.300 Rs.800
7 Additional Director of Research (Farm Mechanization and Bio-Energy) Rs.300 Rs.800
8 Assistant Biotechnologist Rs.300 Rs.500
9 Assistant Professor (Genomics) Rs.300 Rs.500
10 Assistant Professor (Molecular Genetics) Rs.300 Rs.500
11 Assistant Professor (Bioinformatics) Rs.300 Rs.500
12 Assistant Soil Chemist(At outstation) Rs.300 Rs.500
13 Assistant Professor of Statistics Rs.300 Rs.500
14 Assistant Plant Breeder(Ludhiana/outstation) Rs.300 Rs.500
15 Assistant Plant Breeder (Seed Technology) (Ludhiana/outstation) Rs.300 Rs.500
16 Assistant Plant Physiologist(Ludhiana/outstation) Rs.300 Rs.500
17 Assistant Chemist (Residue) Rs.300 Rs.500
18 Assistant Professor of Home Science Extension Education Rs.300 Rs.500
19 Assistant Biochemist Rs.300 Rs.500
20 Assistant Seed Production Specialist (Ludhiana/outstation) Rs.300 Rs.500
21. Assistant Professor of Plant Pathology Rs.300 Rs.500
22. Assistant Zoologist (Rodents) Rs.300 Rs.500
23 Assistant Professor of Biotechnology Rs.300 Rs.500
24 Assistant Professor of Business Management Rs.300 Rs.500
25 Subject Matter Specialist (Animal Science) at KVK (3 posts) Rs.300 Rs.500
26 Subject Matter Specialist (Plant Protection) at KVK (2 posts) Rs.300 Rs.500
27 Deputy Curator Rs.200 Rs.300
28 Farm Managers at KVKs  (6 posts) Rs.200 Rs.300
29 Programme Assistant (Lab.Technician) at KVKs ( 2 posts) Rs.200 Rs.300
30 Programme Assistant (Computer) at KVKs  (12 posts) Rs.200 Rs.300
31 Draftsman Rs.200 Rs.300
32 Driver at KVKs  (5 posts) Rs.100 Rs.200
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