Chittor Teachers

ZP Teachers Seniority Lists

Grade II HMs:

Grade II HM Seniority List  HM Vacancies

School Assistants:

Chittor District School Assistant Telugu Seniority List
Chittor District School Assistant English Seniority List
Chittor District School Assistant Hindi Seniority List
Chittor District School Assistant Maths Seniority List
Chittor District School Assistant Physical Science Seniority List
Chittor District School Assistant Biological Science Seniority List
Chittor District School Assistant Social Studies Seniority List

Language Pandits:

Chittor District Language Pandit Telugu Seniority List
Chittor District Language Pandit Hindi Seniority List

LFL Teachers:

Chittor District LFL Teachers Seniority List

PETs and PDs:

Chittor District PET Seniority List

Secondary Grade Teachers:

Chittor District Secondary Grade Teachers (SGT) Seniority List

List Of DSC 2008 Hamee Pathram Candidates

List of MEOs Chittor District

Subject wise list of SGTs Promoted as School Assistants during February 2009

18 Years Scale (SPP - IB)


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