G.O Ms No.254 Dated 3.12.2011, 12351 Posts for Model Schools

GOVERNMENT OF ANDHRA PRADESH                                          ABSTRACT

of 12,351 posts at State, District and 355 Model Schools under Central Sponsored
Scheme for ‘setting up of Model Schools’ – Orders – Issued.
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                            FINANCE (SMPC-I) DEPARTMENT
  G.O.Ms.No. 254                                                       Dated: 03-12-2011.
                                                                       Read the following:-

      1. Govt., of India, Min.of Human Resource Development, New Delhi,
         Lr.No.F.2-10/2009-Sch.I (A) & (B), dated 22nd July 2011.
     2.  Commissioner &.S.E,A.P, Hyderabad,Lr.Rc.No.1013/RMSA/2011,
         dated   9.9.2011.
     3.  School Education Department, U.O.No. 21334/SE-Prog.I/A1/2011,
         dated 18.11.2011.

The   Government   of   India,   Ministry   of   Human   Resource   Development,
  New Delhi has approved the scheme of “setting up of 6000 Model Schools at
  block level as benchmark of excellence”. In the first phase, the Government of
  India has sanctioned 355 Model Schools for the State of Andhra Pradesh.                 The
  Government       of  India  has  also   sanctioned    and   released   an  amount     of  Rs.
  412.09   Crores   (Rupees   Four   Hundred   Twelve   Crores   and   Nine   Lakhs   only)
  including     Management       Monitoring     Evaluation    and    Research     Component
  (MMER)   as   Grant   in   aid   to   Andhra   Pradesh   Secondary   Education   Society,
  Hyderabad under the Centrally Sponsored Scheme.

  2.      For implementation of the above scheme, Government constituted                  two
  committees      viz.,  1.  Infrastructure     Development      Committee      2.  Academic
  Development   Committee,   to   discuss   about   the   framing   of   Modalities   etc.,   for
  setting   up   of   newly   sanctioned   Model   Schools   in   the   State.   The   Committees
  decided   to   submit   necessary   proposals   for   sanction   and   creation   of   staffing
  pattern at State, District and School level for implementation of Setting up of
  355 Model Schools in the State. Subsequently, the Commissioner & Director of
  School   Education   &   Ex-officio   Project   Director   (RMSA)  A.P.,   Hyderabad,   has
  submitted proposal for creation of one Director /Addl. Director,(176) posts on
  deputation   under   different   categories,   (7100)   newly   created   posts   by   Direct
  Recruitment     and   (5074)   newly   created post   on   outsourcing/contact   basis   at
  State,   District  and   School    Level  under    newly   started   Centrally   Sponsored
  Scheme for “Setting up of 6000 Model Schools at block level as benchmark of

3.      After   careful   examination     of  the   matter,   Government      hereby    accord
sanction for creation of (39) posts at       the State Level as shown in the Annexure-
I, (138) posts at the District Level, as shown in Annexure-II and (7100) posts at
School   Level   as   shown   in   the   Annexure-III,   to   this   order   under   the   scheme
mentioned      in   para-1   above.    Government      also  hereby    accord    sanction    for
engagement   of   (5074)   personnel   on   contract   /   outsourcing   basis   at   various
levels as detailed in Annexure-IV to this order.

4.      All the posts sanctioned at State Level shall be filled on deputation. At
the   District   Level   the   DEO,   shall   act   as   District   Monitoring   Officer   and   the
remaining      115   posts    sanctioned    at   the  District   Level   shall  be   filled  on
deputation.   All   the   7100   posts   created   at   the   School   Level   shall   be   filled   by
Direct Recruitment.

5.      The Department shall follow the guidelines issued by the Government in
respect   of   contract   /  outsourced   employment   from   time   to  time   in  respect   of
the categories mentioned in Annexure-IV of this order.

6.      The expenditure towards salaries etc., at State and District Level shall be
met from the Model School funds released to society from time to time as per
the norms prescribed by Govt., of India i.e MMER and recurring grant.


                                                          T. SATYANARAYANA RAO
                                                  SECRETARY TO GOVERNMENT (R&E)

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