G.O.Ms.No. 3 Dated: 07.01.2012, Creation and Sanction of 9,569 School Assistant Posts

SCHOOL EDUCATION DEPARTMENT- RMSA– Creation and sanction of 9,569 School Assistant additional Teacher posts in the existing Government Secondary Schools in the State under “RMSA” – Orders – Issued.
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FINANCE (SMPC-I) DEPARTMENT G.O.Ms.No. 3 Dated: 07.01.2012.
Read the following:-
1. D.O. Lr.No.1- 42/2011-Sch.1, dated 3rd August, 2011 from the Director (Secondary Education) Government of India, MHRD, Department of School Education and Literacy, Shastri Bhavan, New Delhi. 2. Minutes of the meeting of 14th PAB, RMSA, and No.F.1-44/ 2011-Sch.1
Dated: 14th September, 2011. 3. Commissioner & Director of School Education, A.P., Hyderabad
Lr.Rc.No.714/RMSA/2011, dated: 14.10.2011. 4. Education (SE.Prog.I) Dept., U.O.No.23177/SE.Prog.I/A1/2011, dt:2.1.2012.
**** ORDER:
The Education (SE.Prog.I) Department have informed that, the Commissioner & Director of School Education, A.P., Hyderabad in the reference 3rd cited has stated that as per the frame work of RMSA it has been envisaged that additional teachers would be provided for existing schools in order to bring the schools on par with the RMSA Student Classroom Ratio and Pupil Teacher Ratio to improve quality in Secondary Education, which is stated as one of the important objectives and also stated that the following is the criteria envisaged by Government of India, MHRD, New Delhi, for calculating of the additional teachers required in existing Government secondary schools under RMSA in the state:
“The RMSA scheme envisages a Student Classroom Ratio (SCR) of 40:1, a two section school would normally mean an enrollment of 160 students. A minimum of 5 subject teachers will have to be provided even if the enrolment is less than 160. Any short fall in such schools over and above sanctioned posts will be provided under RMSA. For every incremental enrolment of 30 students, one additional teacher may be provided as per the RMSA norm of PTR of 30:1. The total number of teachers for a school may be arrived by the following the above method, which will be aggregated for all schools to estimate the total number of teachers a state is eligible as per RMSA norms. The number of sanctioned posts will be deducted from the total number of teachers so estimated to arrive at the number of additional teachers a state will get under RMSA for existing secondary schools. The calculation of the number of additional teachers has also thrown up the issue of sanctioned posts that are common for both upper primary (class VI, VII, VIII and secondary schools (Class IX and X). It has been decided that under such a circumstance, a ratio of 3:2 would be adopted to divide the teachers notionally between the upper primary and secondary sections.
It was also felt that the subject-wise distribution of additional teachers (after first five of Maths, Science, Social have Multiple Language Medium of instruction and shifts running in the same schools. In case there are Multiple Medium of instruction for Secondary School or where multiple shifts running in Secondary Schools each of Science, English and Language) will be left to the State Government. It has also been noticed that there are schools that these schools may be considered as a separate entity”.
2. He has further stated that in view of the above and after careful study of the status of Secondary Education in the State and duly following the methodology of Government of India for calculating requirement of additional teachers for classes IX and X with two sections in each class, a proposal was submitted to Government of India in AWP& B during the year 2011-12 for requirement of 20,398 additional teachers in existing Government Secondary Schools.
3. Based on the AWP&B 2011-12, Government of India have approved 19,011 posts with average monthly salary Rs.21,000/- which will be shared by State and Centre at the ratio of 25:75 which is a recurring grant every year. Accordingly, an amount of Rs.31398.48 lakhs is approved for payment of 8 (eight) months salary for this year. Accordingly, a Committee was constituted with Senior Officers of Education Department to work out the modalities based on the Norms has met twice discussed in detail, collected the data from School level to District level and an enormous exercise was taken up to finalize District-wise, Medium-wise and Subject-wise requirement of additional teachers duly following the existing State Norms read with Guidelines envisaged by RMSA, designing a Staff pattern for a High School.
4. Further the Government of India have sanctioned 19,011 posts of School Assistants for Secondary Schools in the State under RMSA during the year 2011-12. In this regard he has stated that Government of Andhra Pradesh have been running 9,403 High Schools under Government, Zilla Parishad and Municipal Managements in the State with 1,08,337 posts already sanctioned in about 35 types of posts. He has also stated that only additional posts limited to maximum 5 curricular Subjects viz., Mathematics, Sciences, Social Studies, English and other Languages as per Three Language Formula envisaged in National Policy of Education, 1986 available in eight media viz., Telugu, Urdu, English, Hindi, Oriya, Tamil, Kannada and Marathi as per Norms of RMSA have been claimed after taking into account 1,08,337 posts already sanctioned by the State Government till-date for Secondary Schools functioning under Government/ Local Body Sectors.
5. Therefore, for improving the Quality in Government Secondary Schools in the State, the Commissioner & Director of School Education, A.P., Hyderabad has submitted the proposal for sanction of 9,569 posts under Centrally Sponsored Scheme RMSA.
6. Government, after careful examination hereby accord sanction for Creation of 9,569 School Assistant additional Teacher posts in the existing Government Secondary Schools in the State under RMSA and the posts shall be filled by Direct Recruitment
7. The Expenditure towards salaries etc., shall be met from the RMSA funds released to Society from time to time as per the norms prescribed by Government of India.
8. The Education (SE.Prog.I) Department shall take necessary action accordingly.

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