Govt Employees Online Health Card Application, Health Cards Online Application. Health Cards Enrollment Application Form. website launched for health cards recently. Andhra Pradesh State Government Employees should apply online for Health Cards in AP Treasury website. Teachers/Employees have to Fill the form and take print outs of that and have to submit that to their respective DDOs.
Steps involved in filling out health cards online and submitting to respective DDO's.
1. Open
2. Click on Net services to Public
3. Click on Employee operations
4. Click on Health Card Application (Multipurpose Employee Card)
5. Enter your Treasury Employee ID
6. Choose a username & password.(Consider a password common to all teachers)
7. Click on LOGIN
More Information about Health Cards
Click HERE to read in Telugu and to see sample online application.


  1. after the 3rd there no option to click to Health card application
    please any one tell me the way how to do it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. hi srikanth there is another option for health card website address is

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