Karnataka Pay Commission 2012

Revised Pay Structure & Pay Scales
(i) The State should continue to have its own Pay Structure for its employees.
(ii) The new Pay Structure is related to the index level of 191.5 points obtainable on 1.1.2012 (base 2001=100).
(iii) The concept of Master Scale with 91 stages are retained.
(iv) The Fitment Benefit is 22.5 per cent inclusive of 15 per cent Interim Relief.
(v) To retain the existing 25 standard scales, segments from the Master Scale.
(vi) The new pay structure includes the Dearness Allowance as on 1.1.2012 at the index level of 191.5 points.
(vii) The revised Pay Scales, Allowances and Pensions are effective from 1.4.2012.
(viii) To revise the Minimum pay scale from Rs.4800-7275 to Rs.9600-14550.
(ix) To revise the Maximum pay scale from Rs.28275-39900 to Rs.56550-79800.
(x) The existing rates of increments have been doubled.
(xi) The new pay shall be fixed w.e.f. 1.4.2012 as follows.
1) Basic Pay as on  1.4.2012
2) DA of 76.75 per cent as on 1.1.2012
3) Fitment benefit of 22.5 per cent of basic pay inclusive of 15 per cent Interim Relief.
(xii) The DA from 1.7.2012 is to be allowed with multiplication factor of 0.604 for every 1 per cent  of DA sanctioned by Government of India.

Part 1 Allowances
(i) For purposes of HRA, classification of cities/ towns /other places reduced from
six groups to four groups. The minimum rate of HRA increased from 6 per cent to 7 per cent.  Rural allowance of Rs.100 is removed.
(ii) The existing rates of CCA is increased from Rs.80 - 300 to Rs. 250 - 400 per month.
(iii) The rate of Medical Allowance for group C & D employees is increased from Rs.50 per month to Rs.100 per month.
(iv) The existing rate of Conveyance Allowance is increased from Rs.100 - 400 to Rs.200 - 600.
(v) Rates of Road Mileage, Daily Allowance, Special Daily Allowance, Transfer grant  hiked substantially.
(vi) The existing rates of FTA is increased from Rs.150 - 700 to Rs.225 - 750.
(vii) Out of State Allowance to be 25 per cent in the revised pay scale for the officials
working in Delhi and 10 per cent of the revised pay scale for officials working in Varanasi, Thirumala, Srisailam and other offices located outside the state.
(viii) Rate of Charge Allowance enhanced from 5 per cent to 7.5 per cent in the revised pay scale and the ceiling limit of Rs.1000  removed.
(ix) Rates of  Hill Station Allowance are revised from Rs.150 - 250 to Rs.200  - 300 per month.
(x) The rates of Initial Grant, Renewal Grant, Maintenance Allowance under Uniform Allowance increased substantially.

The Committee recommends for introducing five day work week.
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