Rc No.3137/D2-1/2012 Dated 13.07.2012 Transfers Places Filled by Promotions

Rc No. 3137/D2-1/2012  Dt. 13.07.2012
Sub:  School Education – The A.P. Teachers (Regulation ofTransfers) Rule, 2012- Transfer counseling - instruction – Issued.
Ref:1. G.O. Ms. No. 38. Edn (SE-Ser.III) Dept. dt. 16.06.2012
2. C&DSE’s Proc. Rc. No. 3137/D2-1/2012, dated. 16.06.2012
* * *
All the District Educational Officers in the State  are informed that the Government have issued ordersin the reference 1st read above, for conducting Teacher Transfer Counseling, accordingly instructions and guidelines are issued for conduct of Teacher Transfer Counseling in the reference 2nd read above duly fixing the schedule from 03.07.2012 to 08.07.2012. The Transfer Counseling process in all the Districts is completed. After conduct of transfer counseling it is rought  to the notice of the commissioner and Director of School Education that, some of the High Schools are without subject teachers in the schools as all of them have been transferred during the transfer counseling, leavingthe teachers without subject teachers. In order to provide subject teachers and to ensure  that the instruction in the school do not suffer, the following instructions are issued.
1. to fill up the vacancy by way of promotion, if the said post can be filled up by promotion at the first instance.
2. If the said vacancy could not be filled by way of promotion, utilize the services of subject teacher to handle 10th Class, in case of two of more sections in the school and two  or more teachers of the same subject are working in the school by combining the  sections.
3. In case, not even a single subject teacher is available in a school, utilize the servicesof needy subject teachers, from the nearby High School, where two subject teachers are working in the same Mandal. For this the teacher who is handling the subject till today for X Class, should not be disturbed as it effects the continuity of the subject.
4. If the 2nd subject teacher is not available in any High Schoolin the same Mandal, Utilize the services of subject teacher of nearby Mandal. As far as possible, utilize the services of teachers from the nearby Mandals in orders to avoid hardship to the teachers.
5. As a last option, the junior most teachers in concerned category (subject) transferred should be retained in the previous school to provide instruction to the children, and may be relieved to go to the opted school to join and again directed to attend the previous school till said vacancy is filled up either  by Direct Recruitment or promotion or other teacher joins the place. The above instructions should be followed scrupulously and the District Educational Officers shall complete the process within a week and see that no High School is without subject teacher.

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