Circular No.5730 Guidelines for Recruting CRPs and MIS Coordinators

Circular No.5730/RVM(SSA)/B10/2010 Dated: 22-08-2012
Sub:-Recruitment of CRPs. and MIS Coordinators – Certain Guidelines issued – Reg.
Ref:-This office Lr.Rc.No.5730/RVM(SSA)/B10/2010 dated 7.8.2012 addressed to all District Collectors.

In continuation of this office letter cited, the following guidelines are hereby issued. In almost all the districts, advertisement seeking applications for CRP posts has been released and large number of applications have received.
1)  All the applications are to be sorted out Mandal-wise, complex-wise and Caste-wise.
2)  The vacancies Mandal-wise are to be assessed and rule of reservation shall be followed to the extent possible at each Mandal level i.e. for example, if there are 10 CRP vacancies in a Mandal, 15% vacancies shall be reserved for SCs i.e. one vacancy. 6% of the vacancies shall bereserved for STs. i.e. one vacancy. 25% of the vacancies shall be reserved for B.Cs.and 3% for PHC. Hence, the vacancies will be filled up as follows taking 10 as example.

Total number of vacancies : 10
a)  Vacancies to be filled by SC candidate : 02
b)  Vacancies to be filled by ST candidates : 01
c)  Vacancies to be filled up by BC candidates : 03
d)  Vacancies to be filled up by general : 04
Further, it shall also be ensured that 1/3rd of every category to the extent possible will be filled up by Women candidates.
3)While appointing to CRP vacancies, the applicants,  who are residents in proposed school complex area alone are to be made eligible as per the orders already given. Hence, all the eligible applications shall be sorted out Mandal-wise, school complex-wise and caste-wise and merit list shall be prepared, based on 85% Weightage, considering the marks obtained in qualifying examinations (Detailed instructions are given in the earlier letter)
4)Number of representations have been submitted to the Government by many a candidates, who had worked in RVM earlier either in the capacity of Vidya Volunteers or as mobile science lab teachers etc., A decision has been taken to give Weightage of One mark for every one year of service rendered by these candidates not exceeding 5 marks. For this purpose, all the candidates should show evidence that they have worked in the RVM from the concerned authority who has appointed them. However, every care shall be
taken that no bogus certificates are issued by any authority. For this purpose, random verification of Bank accounts, through which they have received their salaries shall be verified. The marks obtained by all these candidates shall also be added to the 85% Weightage and this gives us the total marks the candidate secured out of 90 marks.
5)Since interview is proposed for 10 marks, once caste-wise merit list is prepared, (after excluding 5 marks for Weightage of RVM candidates) candidates who are falling within 10 marks range from the topper’s marks shall be called for the interview. To cite an example, let us say thatfirst candidate being SC, got 82, out of 90 marks, all the candidates who secured marks up to 72 shall be called for the interview.
6)In certain Mandals, if the suitable candidates are  not available in a particular category, eligible candidates from other category can be appointed. However, at district level, the reservation percentage shall be maintained.
7)  Since large number of candidates may have to be interviewed and it may not be possible to call all the candidates at district level, the District Collectors may constitute interview Committees at erstwhile block level or revenue divisional level depending on the number of candidates to be interviewed. A Team not less than 3 Members shall  be constituted, among them, one Senior Officer will be Chairman, and interviews shall be conducted in a befitting manner. The District Collector shall ensure that candidates do not resort to any canvassing and no Officer shall resort to unfair means in selecting the candidates, as it is a very prestigious recruitment taken up by the RVM under the Chairmanship of Collectors. After the interviews are
conducted, the total number of CRP vacancies are to be filled up and necessary orders can be given by MEOs engaging these candidates on contract basis.
8)  In respect of MIS Coordinator, the eligible applicants list has to be prepared district-wise. It must be kept in mind that the candidates residing in a particular Mandal alone are eligible to be recruited as MIS Coordinator in that Mandal. Hence, all the eligible applicants shall be listed out mandal-wise and
merit list shall be prepared by calculating 50% Weightage based on the marks obtained in qualifying examinations. District shall be considered as Unit for observing reservation, wherein out of the total posts in the district, 15% for SCs., 6% for STs. 25% for BCs., 3% for PHC and the remaining vacancies are to be
filled up with general candidates. However, 33% of vacancies in each category shall be reserved for Women candidates.
9)  For instance, if there are 50 vacancies in a district, the reservation shall be made as follows;
a)  Total number of vacancies in a district : 50
b)  Vacancies to be filled by SC candidates : 08
c)  Vacancies to be filled by ST candidates : 03
d)  Vacancies to be filled up by BC candidates : 13
e)  Vacancies to be filled up by PH candidates : 02
f)  Vacancies to be filled up by general candidates : 24
10)  Skill test may be conducted for all the eligible candidates at revenue division/Taluq / erstwhile block levels by a Technical Committee constituted by the District Collector. The experts from NIC/DRDA may be consulted and the candidates may be selected based on the overall merit arrived based on marks (50%) and skill test (50%) duly observing reservation norms. There shall not be any interview for these posts.
11)  After MIS Coordinators are selected, MEO will engage them on contract basis. All the District Collectors are requested to complete the process of appointments by 10th September 2012 as MRPs are being repatriated by 31st August, 2012 and the services of CRPs are very much required to fill up the
vacuum in monitoring the activities.

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