Proc.Rc. No.415, Dated:07.08.2012 School Complexes Agenda 2012-2013

Proc.Rc. No.415/RVM(SSA)/C1/2012, Dated:07.08.2012.

RVM (SSA), A.P., Hyderabad – Pedagogy Wing – Conduct of School complex meetings of Primary and Upper Primary for the year 2012-13 and communication of agenda - Reg.

All the District Educational Officers, the Project  Officers of RVM (SSA) and the Principals of DIETs in the State are informed that at the State level the training for School Complex HMs (Chair persons) and Secretaries was conducted in the month of July 2012 and the same at the District level and at Divisional level are in progress. In this regard a module was designed and given to all the participants in the training. The training is focused on the following aspects.

@Capacity building of School complex Chair persons and Secretaries in making School complexes as Resource centers.
@Capacity building in organizing the school complex meetings reflecting the specific needs of the teachers.
@Monitoring of schools attached to school complexes.

As per the norms, in an academic year, there is a need to conduct at least ‘8’ school complex meetings. In these meetings the teachers are expected to conduct wide range of academic activities, however to focus on important  issues and to cover some important aspects mentioned in AWP& B of 2012-13, the following themes are suggested as an agenda for each school complex meeting at Primary  level and at Upper Primary level. Apart from covering these themes, the school complex can set their own agenda for the days meeting.

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