Rc No.2, Bio Metric Attendance System for APREI Society

Proceedings of the Secretary, APREI Society, Hyderabad.
Rc No.2/BMASAPREIS/2012, Date: 21 -08-2012
Sub:- APREIS- Procurement of Bio Metric Attendance System for all  AP Residential Educational Institutions and Head office-Sanction orders issued for procurement of the machines- Reg.
Ref:-  Purchase order vide this office Lr No.2/MIS/BMAS/2012/2, Dt:21.08.2012
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All the Principals of APRE Institutions are aware that for any organisation, it is essential to have an effective monitoring system to ensure regularity of staff and students.  In order to ensure the regularity of staff,  APREI Society has decided to provide one Bio Metric Attendance system to each APRE Institution.
Accordingly APREI Society has identified the Vendor M/s Corporate Technologies, Begumpet, Hyderabad for supply of Bio Metric Attendance system  through open Tender  for the Model X990 Biometric attendance system of  M/s Enterprise Software Solutions Lab, Bangalore (Essl) make for the price of  Rs. 22838/-( Twenty two thousands and eight hundred and thirty eight rupees only) inclusive  of all taxes(Rs 21750/-+5% Sales Tax)  with GPRS system and user manual along with the training to one staff member at the Regional  Centre  identified by the Society.  The warranty for the machine is one year. After one year warranty, Annual Maintenance charges fixed for each machine is Rs.3101(inclusive of all taxes per machine per annum). Help Line Numbers for any queries on the usage of the machine are:9948933396 and  9959164204.
Sanction is hereby accorded for Rs. 22838/-(Twenty two thousands and eight hundred and thirty eight rupees only)  for each  APRE Institution  for procurement of the Bio Metric Attendance system. Principal of  each  APRE  Institution is  hereby informed to  pay  22838/-(Twenty two thousands and eight hundred and thirty eight rupees only) from the Imprest of the Institution to M/s Corporate Technologies  through  Cheque or D.D. in favour of  M/s Corporate Technologies against the delivery of the machine.  The expenditure may be met under the head of account ”Computer Expenditure”
Schedule for Date of delivery and training on usage of the machine is as follows:

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