RC.No.26, Date.28.8.12 Recruitment of Part-time Instructors in UP & High Schools

Proceedings of the State Project Director, Rajiv Vidya Mission (SSA) Andhra Pradesh, Hyderabad
Rc.No.26/RVM(SSA)/B10/11, Dated:28-08-2012.
APRVM (SSA), Hyderabad - Engaging Part time instructors in Art Education, Health & Physical Education and Work Education in the upper primary schools / upper primary sections of high schools – Guidelines issued – Reg.

All the District Educational Officers and Project Officers of RVM (SSA) in the state are informed that 12271 posts of part time instructors i.e., 4293 in Art Education, 3226 in Health & Physical Education and 4752 in Work Education were approved in AWP&B 2012-13 to position them in upper primary schools /upper primary sections of high schools where the strength of upper primary classes is more than 100 and no regular posts are sanctioned by state Government. The district-wise posts approved category-wise is enclosed.
Therefore, they are requested to complete the process of engaging the part time instructors duly following the guidelines (enclosed) within the time schedule prescribed i.e., 25.09.2012.
This has got the approval of the State Project Director, RVM (SSA), Hyderabad.

Guidelines for filling up the posts of Part Time Instructors in upper primary schools and upper primary sections of high schools Government of India have identified Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan Programme as main vehicle to implement the provisions of RTE Act 2009 which has been introduced to provide free and compulsory education to all the children in the age group of the schedule of the Act, Part time instructors for (a) Art Education (b) Health and Physical Education (c) Work Education shall be appointed in the Upper Primary Schools/ Upper Primary sections of High Schools where the enrollment in Upper Primary classes is more
than 100. For this purpose 6th and 7th classes in Upper Primary schools and 6th to 8th classes in High schools Annual plan of 2012-13 with required budget.

A) Part-time instructor for Art Education
i)10th class or its equivalent examination.
ii)Diploma or a certificate in drawing commercial art, fine arts and architecture, painting, sculpture, music, dance or a certificate in higher grade drawing certificate
iii)Posses technical teacher certificate of Govt of Andhra Pradesh.
B)Part-time instructor for Health and Physical Education
i)Intermediate and an under graduate diploma in physical education OR
Bachelor Degree and a B.P.Ed
C)Part-time instructor for Work Education
i)10th class or its equivalent examination.
ii) Certificate in a trade viz., carpentry, weaving, sewing, tailoring, textile printing etc., issued by any ITI / DLTC
iii) Technical teacher certificate of Government of Andhra Pradesh.
Honorarium: A honorarium of Rs4500/- per month shall be paid for all three posts.
 i. Issue of press note - 01-09-2012
 ii. Last date for receipt of applications - 10-09-2012
 iii. Merit list - 11th to 13th Sep’12
 iv. Interview - 17th to 18th Sep’12
 v. Finalization of selection of candidates - 20-09-2012
 vi. Issue of posting orders - 25-09-2012
vii. Reporting to duty - 28-09-2012
viii. Submission of report to SPO - 05-10-2012

Download Proceedings Copy for More Details
Download Application for Part Time Instructors for Art, Health and Physical Education

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