Rc.No.476 KGBV Teachers Training Program in September and October

Proceedings of the State Project Director, Rajiv Vidya Mission (SSA) Andhra Pradesh, Hyderabad.

Proceedings Rc.No.476/RVM(SSA)/C1/2012, Dated 05.09.2012
Subject:  RVM(SSA), AP, Hyderabad - Pedagogy Wing - Communication of Revised Schedule of KGBV Teachers Training in the months of September and October 2012 - Regarding.
Reference: Proceedings Rc.No.Even, Dated 21.07.2012

All the District Educational Officers, the Project Officers of RVM (SSA) and the Principals of DIETs in the state are informed that the revised schedule of conduct of training to KGBV Teachers in the identified 16 Districts is as follows.

Telugu and Hindi: Planning Day 12th September 2012, Training Days 13.09.2012 - 18.09.2012
English and Maths: Planning Day 20th September 2012, Training Days 21.09.2012 - 26.09.2012
Physics, Biology and Social: Planning Day 27th September 2012, Training Days 28.09.2012 - 03.10.2012.

Therefore the District Educational Officers, the Project Officers of RVM (SSA) are informed that the training program may be conducted residential or non-residential Mode.

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