AP Teachers Inter District Transfers Online Application 2012

Inter District Transfers online application published at aponline website. The following is the sample online application. Teachers seeking inter district or mutual transfers have to apply on or before 12.11.2012

Government of Andhra Pradesh

Department of School Education

Application for Inter-District Transfer Under Six-Point Formula - 2012.

(Fields marked with * are mandatory.)
Personal Details
1. Name of the individual seeking transfer : *
2.Treasure Code Number:*
3.Date of Birth: * (dd/mm/yyyy)
4. Post Held:*
   a)Category of the Post: *
   b)Subject: *
   c)Medium: *
   d) Management: *
   e)Day, Month and Year from which the Post held in all categories:*  /   /    (dd/mm/yyyy)
   f)Scale of Pay: *
   g)Basic Pay: *
   h)Present Working Address : *
   i)Date from which working in the Present Address:* (dd/mm/yyyy)
   j)District: *
5.Local cadre (District) to which he/she belongs :*
6. Local cadre (District) to which transfer is sought:*
7.Status of local or nonlocal candidate to which transfer is sought*
8. Is the Transfer sought on account of :*

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