International Girl Child Day Celebrations

Present:Smt.V.Usha Rani, IAS.,
Rc.No: Spl/RVM/GCDO/C7/2012                                                Date: 06-10-2012.

Sub: APRVM (SSA), AP, Hyderabad – Celebration of International Day of  
                       the Girl Child on 11-10-2012 –Requested - Reg.
            Attention of all the Project Officers and  GCDOs is invited to the subject cited, they are requested to aware the girl Child on the importance of celebration of the International Day of the Girl Child on 11-10-2012. This day can be celebrated on 14-11-12, in view of the examinations and Dasara vacation.
1.      Conduct competitions to girls like elocution, essay writing, slogans, posters/pictures on the theme “imagine the world we want for girls” from 29th October to 14th November, 12 in view of quarterly examinations.
2.      Best mothers should be felicitated, those who is regularly sending the children to school, attending SMC meetings, motivating fellow mothers and strive for enrolment.
3.      Provide a platform to exhibit their talents (Mothers and girls).
4.      Organize SMC members mothers committee meetings at school level and make them aware of the importance of girls education.
5.      Make 14th November, 2012 a perfect day for girls children by holding events like rallies, exhibitions, games and other activities on the day.
Therefore, all the GCDOs may be requested to celebrate in befitting manner and budget can be utilized for the activity  from the NPEGEL budget allocated for Celebration of important days.
This has got the approval of the State Project Director, RVM(SSA), Andhra Pradesh, Hyderabad.
                                                                               Sd/- Y.Ali Akbar Basha
for State Project Director.
All Project Officers, Rajiv Vidya Mission(SSA) in the State.
All GCDOs in the State.

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