Memo A3/1256/2012 Senior HM-MEO Drawing Powers for MRPs

Office of the State Project Director, Rajiv Vidya Mission (SSA), Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh.
Memo No.A3/1256/2012, Date: 29.09.2012

Subject: APRVM (SSA) Hyderabad - Repatriation of Mandal Resource Persons MRPs - Delegation of Drawing Powers - Instructions - Issued.

In the reference cited decision was taken to repatriate all the MRPs and instructions were issued accordingly to all the District Educational Officers / Project Officers to repatriate and relieve the MRPs with effect from 31.08.2012. Mandal Educational Officers (MEOs) and MRPs are join signatories for drawal of funds released to MRCs. in the view of repatriation and relief of MRPs to facilitate for drawal of funds from RVM, the senior most Head Master of the school in mandal head quarters and if that person is acting as MEO, the next senior most HM of a school in the mandal head quarters is appointed temporarily to act as the joint signatory along with MEO for drawal of funds till further orders are issued from this office.

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