Rc.No.755 State Level Monitoring Teams Visits Schedule Team Members Details

Proceedings of the State Project Director, Rajiv Vidya Mission (SSA), Andhra Pradesh, Hyderabad.
Proc.Rc.No.755/RVM(SSA)/C1/2012, Dated: 26.10.2012.
Sub: RVM(SSA), A. P., Hyderabad – Pedagogy Wing monitory of the schools by state teams sectoral officers of SPO – Deputation as observers – orders issued – Reg.
All the District Educational Officers, the Project Officers of RVM (SSA) and the Principal of DIETs in this State are informed that it is decided to monitor the schools by the State teams involving sectoral officers of SPO. The officers annexed will be visiting the districts mentioned against their names for two days in two spells specified. They will be monitoring the following SSA activities.

1st Day: (Field Visit)
1. Functioning of Schools: Evaluation of Papers, Grading Achievement levels of children, class room teaching, conduct of summative tests, issuing progress cards, utilization of School grant, TLM grant.
2. Functioning of RSTCs & KGBVs
3. Status of performance of CRPs
4. Construction of Additional Class rooms, toilets, IERCs etc.
5. Implementation of activities for CWSN.
6. Conduct of School Management Committee meetings.
7. Status of supplying of Uniforms.
8. Transportation Training for Children

2nd Day: (Review Meetings)
1. Monitoring of schools by MEOs.
2. Grounding of additional class room.
3. Conduct of school complex meetings.
4. Visit reports of sectoral officers of DPO
5. Observations of field visits sharing by teams
6. Opening of Satellite Schools.
7. Opening of RSTCs
8. Transitions of Children to next higher Class
9. Release of Teachers grants.
10. DISE data.

Therefore the District Educational Officers, Project Officers of RVM (SSA) and the Principals of DIETS in the State are requested to make necessary arrangement for transportation and accommodation to the State level observers.
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