G.O Ms. No.22 Dated 22.01.2013

G.O Ms. No.22 Dated 22.01.2013, 90% DA Arrears should be paid in Cash to the CPS account holders.
NEW PENSION SYSTEM– Contributory Pension Scheme – DA arrears credited to CSS – Clearing of DA arrears of CPS employees, which were hitherto credited to CSS – Orders – Issued.

GO Ms. No.22 Dated 22nd January 2013.

Out of DA arrears drawn and credited to the CSS account earlier in respect of the employees covered under the New Pension System 90% shall be paid in cash to the employees concerned and balance 10%
shall be credited to CPS head of account along with Government contribution
In case, where the CPS deductions are not affected from the date of joining of the Government servant concerned in pursuance of the instructions issued earlier or where there are deductions still due to be
made for some months, it shall be made out of the above said 90% amount ordered to be paid in cash and only the balance amount shall be paid in cash.
Interest on the amount outstanding in CSS account of each employee till such adjustment, shall be calculated @ 8% for actual period of such deposit and paid to the employee concerned in cash.

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