Rc.5730 Termination and Re-Engaging of VVs-CRTs

Rc.5730/RVM(SSA)/C4/2010, Dated 14.02.2013, Termination and Re-Engaging of IERTs, MIS Coordinators,  Data Entry Operators, Cluster Resource Persons (CRPs), Part Time Instructors, Vidya Volunteers (VVs), Divisional Level Monitoring Teams, Assistant Sectoral Officers working on Contract Basis in the RVM:
All the Project Officers of RVM (SSA) in the state are aware that as a part of implementation of RTE Act certain personal were engaged during 2012-13 on contract basis to work in DPOs, Divisional, Mandal, School Complexes and school level in the district in the following posts.
The P.Os are requested to Terminate and Re-Engage the persons working in the following as mentioned below.

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