G.O.No.75, Dated 14.03.2013 Pensioners Festival Advance Enhancement

G.O.No.75, Dated: 14th March, 2013, FINANCE (PENSION) DEPARTMENT.
Advance – Festival Advance to Pensioners Enhancement of the quantum of advance-orders issued.
1.G.O.Ms.No.285, Finance (Pension) Department,dated 18.2.1971.
2.G.O.Ms.No.836, Finance (Pension) Department,dated.31.7.1976.
3.G.O.Ms.No.1091, Finance (Pension) Department,dated 04.10.1989.
4.G.O.Ms.No.782, Finance (Pension) Department,dated 12.10.1992.
5.G.O.Ms.No.460, Finance (Pension) Department,dated 24.9.2007.
6.G.O.Ms.No.388, Finance (Salaries) Department,
dated 06.11.2012.

1.In the Government Order fifth read above, it has been ordered that all the Tamil Nadu Government Pensioners (both State Civil and Teacher Pensioners) shall be granted Festival Advance of Rs.1000/-(Rupees One thousand only).
2. In the Government Order sixth read above it has been ordered that Festival Advance payable to the Government Employees be enhanced from Rs.2000/-to Rs.5,000/-(Rupees Five Thousand only).
3. Various Pensioners Associations have requested the Government for enhancement of the quantum of festival advance sanctioned to the pensioners also, on the analogy of orders issued in Government Order sixth read above.
4. The Government after careful consideration has decided to accept the request of the Pensioners Associations and accordingly direct that the Festival Advance payable to all the Tamil Nadu Government Pensioners (both State Civiland Teacher Pensioners) shall be enhanced from Rs.1000/- to Rs.2000/-(Rupees Two Thousand only).
5. These orders shall take immediate effect and apply to festivals to be celebrated after the date of issue of this order.
6. All other conditions laid down in the Government Order first read above as amended in the Government Order second read above shall remain unchanged.
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