Kurnool District Teachers Transfers 2013 Seniority Lists Transfers Vacancies SGT-SA-LP-PET

Kurnool District Teachers Transfers Seniority Lists 2013. Kurnool District Teachers Transfers Vacancies SGT-School Assistants-LP Telugu-LP Hindi-PET-HM-LFL @Kurnool DEO website http://deokrnl13.blogspot.in/
Kurnool District Teachers Transfers Seniority Lists and Vacancy Position (Vacancies) of School Assistants - Head Masters - Secondary Grade Teachers- SGTs- LP Telugu, LP Hindi- LFL Head Masters - Language Pandits - PETs Management Wise Seniority Lists and Vacancy Position
Seniority Lists:-
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SGT Seniority List: Download
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Vacancy Position:-
SGT-Language Pandit Vacancies: Download
School Assistant Vacancy Position
SGT-Urdu and LP Vacancies
Rationalization:- LFL Head Master Surplus
SGT (Telugu) Rationalization
Rationalization Affected Schools
Newly Sanctioned Posts as per G.O Ms.No.43
Category 4 Schools 2013 and 2012

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