TN Govt Marriage Advance G.O.No.172 Date 29.05.2013

TN Govt Employees Marriage Advance Marriage Loan G.O.No.172 Date 29.05.2013
Finance [Salaries] Department, G.O.No.172, Dated 29th May 2013.
Loans And Advances by the State Government – Advances to Government Employees for the Celebration of Marriages - Allotment of Funds for the year 2013-2014 – Order–Issued.

1. G.O.Ms.No.234, Finance (Salaries) Department, dated 30-03-1995.
2. G.O.Ms.No.102, Finance (BG-I) Department, dated 29-03-2013.
3. G.O.Ms.No.170, Finance (B.Coord.) Department, dated 27-05-2013.
In the Government order first read above, Government have enhanced the marriage advance to Rs.6,000/- in the case of male Government employees and sons of Government employees and Rs.10,000/- in the case of female Government employees and daughters of Government employees for the marriages held on or after 1st April, 1995.
2. A sum of Rs.50.00 lakhs has been provided in the Budget Estimates for the year 2013-2014 under Demand No.16. Finance Department towards sanction of advances to Government employees for celebration of marriages. In the Government order second read above, Government have exempted the Marriage Advance from the operation of the Quarterly Control of Appropriation System during 2013-2014. In the Government order third read above, it has been ordered that the Demands for Grants, as voted by the Legislative Assembly, are intended to cover the expenditure of the State on existing services and purposes for the entire financial year, commencing from 1st April, 2013.
3. The Government accordingly direct that Out of Rs.50.00 lakh(Rupees Fifty lakh only) provided in Budget Estimate 2013-2014 a sum of Rs.40.00 lakh (Rupees Forty lakh only) be allocated among the Departments of Secretariat, Heads of Departments and District Collectors as shown in Annexure-I, Annexure-II and
Annexure-III to this order for the entire financial year commencing from 1st April, 2013. The balance amount of Rs.10.00 lakh (Rupees Ten lakh only) is kept in reserve for allocation among the departments as and when additional allotment is required based on the applications received
4. The Secretaries to Government, Heads of Departments and the District Collectors are requested to ensure that the sanctions are restricted to the allotment as indicated in the Annexures. They are also requested to send the quarterly reports to the Government in Finance (Salaries) Department, Secretariat, Chennai-600 009 on the utilisation of funds allotted to the departments.

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