APCO Supply School Uniforms Online shop.apcofabrics.com

APCO Supplying School Uniforms through Online @shop.apcofabrics.com for 2013-2014. SMC has to place Uniform Orders Online @shop.apcofabrics.com

Sub: APCO- CO – Supply of uniforms to school children for the year 2013-14 - Furnishing of class wise strength by SMC’s through on line – Requested – Regarding.
Ref: 1. G O Ms No.24 dt.22.03.2013 of Industries & Commerce (Tex), Dept, Govt of A.P, Hyderabad.
2. G.O.Rt.No.41, dt.27.01.2011 of the Industries and Commerce (TEX) Department.
3. This office letter No. APCO/LS/CO/RVM/2013 Dt: 17.07.2013
4. Letter RC No.5234/RVM (SSA)/C4/2012 Dt.17.07.2013.
5. This office letter No.APCO/CO/LS/RVM/2013 Dt.23.07.2013.
6. This office letter No.APCO/CO/LS/RVM/2013 Dt.30.07.2013.

We(APCO) invite your(MEO/HM) attention to the subject and references cited. You ((MEO/HM) are well aware that instructions were issued to all School Management committees for placing of uniform cloth indent on APCO for the year 2013-14 immediately. In order to facilitate to furnish the class wise, gender wise strength particulars by School Management Committees, APCO has developed a website (shop.apcofabrics.com) so that the information will be received immediately through online.
Hence, we request you ((MEO/HM) to issue necessary instructions to all SMC’s to furnish school wise strength particulars immediately. This will facilitate to make necessary arrangements like Production and Processing etc., for supply of the uniform cloth within the time schedule. The early we receive the orders better will be the supplies.
I request your cooperation in this regard.
More Information can be found HERE

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