G.O Rt.No.680 Dated 29.07.2013 NHIS 2012 List of Hospitals

G.O Rt.No.680 Dated 29.07.2013. TN Govt NHIS 2012 List of Hospitals. Tamilnadu New Health Insurance Scheme list of Hospitals. New Health Insurance Scheme 2012
New Health Insurance Scheme 2012 for the employees of Government Departments and Organizations covered under this Scheme- Consolidated List of Hospitals covered under the Scheme based on the recommendations of the Accreditation Committee for empanelment of Hospitals- Notified - Orders Issued.FINANCE (SALARIES) DEPARTMENT, G.O.Rt.No.680, Dated:29th July, 2013.
1.  G.O.Ms.No.139 Finance (Sal.) Department, dated, 27.04.2012.
2.  G.O.Ms.No.243 Finance (Sal.) Department, dated, 29.06.2012.
3.  G.O. Ms.No.309 Finance (Sal.) Department, dated, 14.08.2012.
4.  From the Commissioner of Treasuries and Accounts,
Lr.Rc.No.33701/2012 NHIS/ dated 23.04.2013, 28.5.2013 & 04.06.2013.
1. In the Government Order first read above, orders have been issued for the implementation of New Health Insurance Scheme 2012 to provide Health Care Assistance to the employees of Government Departments, Public Sector Undertakings, Statutory Boards, Local Bodies, State Government Universities,Willing State Government Organisations/Institutions and their eligible family members with a provision to avail assistance up to Rs.4.00 lakhs (Rupees four lakhs only) for a block of 4 years on selection of a suitable Public Sector Insurance Company through National competitive bidding.
2. In the Government order second read above, the Government has awarded the tender to United India Insurance Company Limited and the said Company has executed an agreement with the Government for the implementation of the New Health Insurance Scheme, 2012.
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