G.O.Ms.No.233 Dated 13.08.2013, 2825 Teacher Posts in Tribal Welfare Ashram Schools

G.O.Ms.No.233 Dated 13.08.2013. 2825 Teacher Posts in Tribal Welfare Ashram Schools. Tribal Welfare Department Recruitment of Teacher Posts in ITDA Ashram Schools. ITDA Ashram Schools subject wise vacancies.
TRIBAL WELFARE DEPARTMENT – Sanction of two thousand eight hundred twenty five (2825) Teacher Posts for Ashram Schools in Scheduled Areas run by the Tribal Welfare Department for the year 2013-2014 – Orders - Issued
FINANCE (SMPC-I) DEPARTMENT, G.O.Ms.No.233 Dated:13.08.2013.
Read the following:-
1. From the CTW, Hyderabad, Lr.No.K2/8343/2012, dated 17.11.2012.
2. From the CTW, Hyderabad, Lr.No.K2/8343/2012, dated 24.12.2012.
3. From the CTW, Hyderabad, Lr.No.K2/8343/2012, dated 16.04.2013.
4. S.W. (TW) Dept. U.O.No.15146/TW.Ser.III.A1/2012, dated. 08.08.2013.

1. The Tribal Welfare Department has stated that the Commissioner of Tribal Welfare (CTW), Hyderabad in the letter first read above has reported that in the Scheduled Area the rate of literacy at present is 37.4% only. When compared with general rate of literacy of 64%, the literacy rate in the scheduled area is very low and the same has to be bridged on par with general rate of literacy. For improving the same, the strengthening of quality education in scheduled area is very much essential and needs additional schools and teacher in the Ashram Schools of ITDA Districts in the Scheduled Areas.
2. At present there are (599) Tribal Welfare Ashram Schools functioning under the control of Tribal Welfare Department. Out of the above schools, (381) schools are located in the Scheduled Area. In addition to the existing, (14) new schools are proposed i.e.
(1) School in ITDA, Paderu, Goodem Colony GKV (M), (2) Schools in ITDA, Bhadrachalam i.e. one at Ashwaraopeta and another at Juloorupadu, (2) Schools are being opened with new branches in ITDA, R.C.Varam (one is Irlapally Ashram School and another is Musurumilli Ashram School) and (9) schools in ITDA, Utnoor are functioning as 100% PTG/Gond community as satellite centers since 10 years. Further, (17) Hostels have been converted into Ashram Schools to provide quality education to the ST Children of the Scheduled Area.
3. In Tribal Welfare Ashram Schools there are no specific subject teachers for providing quality education. As per the RTE, the Teacher – Pupil Ratio should be 1:40 and there is a need to provide specific subject teachers for teaching in the Ashram Schools of ITDA Districts inthe scheduled areas as per the teacher – pupil ratio for ensuring quality education.
4. Therefore, the Social Welfare (TW) Department has requested for sanction of (2825) Teacher posts to Tribal Welfare Ashram Schools, in addition to the existing posts as proposed by the Commissioner of Tribal Welfare, Hyderabad.
5. The Government after careful examination of the matter, hereby accord sanction for creation of two thousand eight hundred twenty five (2825) Teacher posts to Tribal Welfare Ashram Schools in Scheduled areas for the year 2013-2014 as mentioned in the Annexure appended to this order subject to condition that the posts shall be adjusted against the posts sanctioned under SSA and RMSA i.e. (1735) posts under SSA and (1090)posts under RMSA.
6. The Social Welfare (TW) Department/School Education Department/ Commissioner of Tribal Welfare, Hyderabad/Commissioner and Director of School Education, E.O. SPD (RMSA), Hyd./ State Project Director, RVM (SSA), Hyderabad shall take further necessary action accordingly.
Annexure to G.O.Ms.No.233 Finance (SMPC.I) Department, dated 13-08-2013
Details of 2825 Teachers posts sanctioned to the existing Ashram Schools, Hostels converted into Ashram Schools and newly proposed Ashram Schools in scheduled areas of ITDA Districts
1  Seethampeta
2  Parvathipuram
3  Paderu
4  R.C.Varam
5  K.R.Puram
6  Bhadrachalam
7  Eturunagaram
8  Utnoor
9 Saisailam
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