Roc No: 1189 Maintenance Grant Utilisation Guidelines

Roc No: 1189 Maintenance Grant Utilisation Guidelines. TN Govt School Maintenance Grant Utilization Guidelines. Primary, Upper Primary, High School Maintenance Grant
Circular No.1/2013, Roc No: 1189/A1/2013 dated 24.08.2013
Sub:- Maintenance Grant –Release and guidelines for Utilisation - Instructions issued
Ref:- This office letter Rc.No.849/A15/SSA/ 2013 Dated: 20.06.2013
Maintenance Grant is provided to Primary, Middle, High and Higher Secondary Government Schools only on annual basis. This Grant is given to provide Quality Education by maintaining the infrastructure periodically. It is to be utilized for the annual maintenance and repair of existing school building and other facilities to upkeep the infrastructure in good condition with the involvement of community.
SSA Frame work (Intervention No.36) and FMP Manual para 27 stipulates:
1.To provide Rs.5000 per year/School upto three instructional classrooms.
2.To provide Rs.10000 per year/School with; more than three instructional classrooms
(Subject to the condition that the overall eligibility for the District would be Rs.7500/-per school).
3.Primary and Upper Primary Schools will be treated as separate schools for the purpose of Maintenance Grant even if they are functioning in the same premises.
4.To provide Maintenance Grant for those schools which have existing buildings of their own
5.To provide Maintenance Grant to those Government schools in urban areas which are running in rented buildings.
6.To be spent by VEC/SMC
The Implementation of the Activity may be carried out as follows:
i. Maintenance Grant is to be released from State Project Office to the Additional CEOs Offices before the end of June of every year.
ii. Maintenance Grant is to be released from District Project Offices to the VEC/SMC after ascertaining the Schools to which the Grant is to be released.
iii. Issue of Cheques to be entered in the Cheque Issue Register.
iv. Release /Acknowledgement of Cheques to be entered in the Maintenance Grant Register.
v. VEC/SMC should exhibit the Grant received in the School Notice board, pass resolution for every expenditure incurred which is to be supported by Stock entry and Voucher.
vi. Utilization Certificate to be submitted by the Head Master after the utilization of the Grant
Duties of District Programme Coordinator:
a. To ensure the release of Maintenance Grant to all eligible Government VEC/SMC account of the schools.
b. Fund release should not exceed beyond the sanctioned amount.
c. To issue circular to DEEOs, DIET, BRC Supervisor, AEEOs and HMs regarding Maintenance Grant and to obtain Acknowledgement.
d. To monitor and collect Blockwise format regarding effective utilization of Maintenance Grant.
e. To send the District level monthly formats to State Project Office before 5th of next month
f. To obtain Block wise Utilization Certificate at the end of January every year.
g. To submit confirmation of Utilization Certificate format at the end of May of succeeding year
h. Monthly review meeting to be conducted for the Block Supervisors to monitor the progress of effective utilization of Maintenance Grant
i. Photo Documentation to be sent to State Project Office with photos before and after utilization

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