Pension Bill (PFRDA Bill 2011) CPS Bill 2013

PFRDA - CPS Bill 2013. PFRDA Bill 2011. Pension Bill 2011. New Pension Scheme (NPS)
The Pension Fund Regulatory and Development Authority Bill (PFRDA), 2011 was passed by the Lok Sabha  on 04.09.2013. The PFRDA Bill, 2011 was referred to the Standing Committee on Finance on the 29th March, 2011 for examination and report thereon. The Standing Committee on Finance gave its Report on 30th August, 2011. Some of the key amendments incorporated in the Bill based on the recommendations of the Standing Committee on Finance are as follows:
a) That the subscriber seeking minimum assured returns shall be allowed to opt for investing his funds in such scheme providing minimum assured returns as may be notified by the Authority;
b) Withdrawals will be permitted from the individual pension account subject to the conditions, such as, purpose, frequency and limits, as may be specified by the regulations;
c) The foreign investment in the pension sector at 26% or such percentage as may be approved for the Insurance Sector, whichever is higher;
d) At least one of the pension fund managers shall be from the public sector;
e) To establish a vibrant Pension Advisory Committee with representation from all major stakeholders to advise PFRDA on important matters of framing of regulations under the PFRDA Act.
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