RVM CCE Formative Assessment 1 Guidelines Grading

RVM CCE Formative Assessment 1 Guidelines. CCE Formative Evaluation. CCE Grading. CCE Achievement Register. Rc.925 Formative Assessment 1 Guidelines Grading
There are mainly 4 tools for Formative Evaluation:
1.Children participation-Reactions:10 Marks
2.Written Items:10 Marks
3.Project Works:10 Marks
4.Slip Tests:20 Marks
Percentage - Grade
91-100 - A+
71-90 - A
51-70 - B+
41-50 - B
00-40 - C
CCE Achievement Register
Proc.Rc.No.925/RVM(SSA)/C1/2012, Dated 17.07.2013
RVM(SSA), AP, Hyderabad - Pedagogy Wing 2013-2014 - Guidelines to conduct Formative Assessment 1 under CCE Reg.
All the District Educational Officers, the Project officers of RVM (SSA) and the principals of DIETs in the State are informed that it is to conduct Formative Test -I in the month of July, 2013 as per the School Academic Year 2013-2014
In this connection it is proposed to follow the guidelines, instructions for conducting Formative Assessment Test-I under Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation, which are provided by the SCERT, Hyderabad.
Therefore the District Educational Officers, the Project officers of RVM (SSA) to inform to all the MEOs inturn to Head Masters and  Photostat copy of one set to all schools, MRCs and DIETs immediately. Further they are requested to instruct all field functionaries to maintain record and registers as per the guidelines of Formative Assessment Test. The expenditure may be met from the Management Cost or REMS of AWP & B 2013-2014


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