G.O Ms.No.24 Anganwadi Centers New Timings 9am to 4pm

AP State Govt G.O Ms.No.24 Dated 21.10.2013. Anganwadi Centers New Timings from 9.00am to 4.00pm. Anganwadi Workers-Helpers New Salaries, Honorarium. AWC New Timings.
Department for Women, Children, Disabled & Senior Citizens – Strengthening of Pre-School Education and Early Learning in Anganwadi Centres – Extending the timings of Pre-School till 4.00 pm & enhancement of honorarium for Anganwadi Workers and Anganwadi Helpers - Orders – Issued

Govt of Andhra Pradesh, DEPARTMENT FOR WOMEN, CHILDREN, DISABLED & SENIOR CITIZENS, G.O.Ms.No. 24 Dt.21/10/2013.
1.The Government of India as part of “Strengthening and Restructuring of ICDS Scheme” has proposed a minimum six hours of working of Anganwadi Centres (AWCs) to provide different services such as health, nutrition and early learning to the children below 6 years, pregnant women, lactating mothers and adolescent girls
2. As per existing Government orders, the timings of Pre-School in Anganwadi Centres is from 9.00 am to 1.30 pm
The Commissioner, Women Development & Child Welfare Department, Hyderabad has stated that there is a need to extend the timings of Pre-School in the AWCs upto 4.00 pm for the following reasons
  1. The need of working parents will be met due to extension of timing of Pre-School in Anganwadi Centres and they may send their children to Anganwadi Centres instead of private schools
  2. As part of “Strengthening and Restructuring of ICDS” the GOI is focusing on strengthening of Anganwadi Centres as “Vibrant ECD (Early Childhood Development) Centre” to become the first village outpost for health, nutrition and early learning. Accordingly cost of pre-school kits has also been enhanced from Rs.1,000/- to Rs.3,000/-. Further the cost of supplementary nutrition has been
    enhanced from Rs.4/- per child per day to Rs.6/- and now snacks and hot cooked food are being provided to children attending Pre-School which will fit in the pattern of extended hours 
  3. The Government has examined the proposal of the Commissioner, Women Development & Child Welfare Department, Hyderabad and in modification of GOs cited, accords permission for extending the timings of Pre-School of Anganwadi Centres till 4.00 pm from November, 2013. The Government also enhances the honorarium of Anganwadi Workers & Anganwadi Helpers by Rs.500/- and Rs.250/- per pm respectively and thereby sanctions an additional budget of Rs.75,68,07,000/- per annum under Normal State Plan


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