Rc.No.643 Date 10.10.2013 Part Time Instructors Payment of Salary in Full

Rc.No.643 Date 10.10.2013. Part Time Instructors Salary
Tamil Nadu State Mission of Education for All, Rc.No.643/A15/PTI/2013, Date:10.10.2013
Subject: Part Time Instructors – Payment of salary in full- Instructions – issued
Ref: G.O.Ms. No.177 School Education (C2) Dept., Dated 11.11.2011
The attention of all CEOs and DEEOs is drawn to para 2.5, 2.6 and 2.7 of G.O. Cited, wherein guidelines have been issued regarding.
1.Claiming of Salary to Part-time instructors with reference to the working hours.
2.Duties of the Drawing and Disbursing officer, namely of the Headmasters
Based on the guidelines, the following instructions are issued
1.Considering the quantum of salary fixed and the work in schools, a MINIMUM of 3 half working days of duty per week should be allotted by the Headmaster.
2.Due time table to be formed and given to them well in advance.
3.They may be permitted to work for more than 3 half days in a week to account for full month salary based on specific time schedule given by the Headmaster.
4.They should work for all the 4 weeks in a month with a minimum of 3 half working days in each week.
5.They are not permitted to work for full day, treating such full day as 2 half working days.
6.No Part-Time Instructor should be allowed to work continuously for 12 days and treat the same as one month.
7.The days of absence during examination may be compensated by attending school on Holidays and during vacations, provided classes are conducted to train the children

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