G.O Ms.No.1296 Dated 11.11.2013 Muharram Holiday on Friday 15.11.2013

TN Govt G.O Ms.No.1296, Dated 11.11.2013. Muharram Holiday on Friday 15th November 2013. Moharram Holiday on 15.11.2013
TN Government, Public(Miscellaneous) Department has issued a G.O Ms.No1296, on 11th of November 2013.
Holidays - Holiday for Muharram on 15th November 2013 - Change in the date of observance of the festival - Revised orders - Issed.
TN Govt earlier notified that 14th of November is a Public Holiday for Muharram under negotiable Instruments act 1881. The Govt after careful consideration of the matter have decided to change the public holiday from 14th November 2013 (Thursday) to 15th November 2013 (Friday).
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