Rc.No.7105 Dated 07.11.2013 High Court Orders on G.O Ms.No.610

Rc.No.7105 Dated 07.11.2013 High Court Orders on G.O Ms.No.610. Repatriation of Non Locals
Sub:- School Education - G.O.Ms.No.610 orders of the Hon’ble High Court in W.P. No. 13273/2012 and others – Copy of the Order a detailed report – submitted – Reg.
1. Govt Memo NO. 31355/SE. Ser. III/2012, dt: 16.01.2013.
2.This office Lr.Rc.No.7105/D2-1/20012, dated: 11.01.2013 & 06.05.2013
3.Govt Memo No. 2014/SE. Ser-III/2013, dt: 05.11.2013.
While communicating a copy of the Govt Memo reference 3rd cited, to all the District Educational Officers in the State are informed that “The Hon’ble High Court in their orders dated 21.11.2012 in WP NO. 13273/2012 and batch filed by the teachers issued a common judgment on the implementation of the G.O.Ms.No.610 and repatriation of non locals.
As per the said judgment at para 95 is “in the result, having regard to out finding under points 1 and 2, we hold that G.O.Ms. Nos. 8 and 124 (new selection method) and G.O.Ms.NO 674 of 2007 can be given retrospective effect by applying only 70% reservation in vacancies for local candidates and 30% for open competition in respect of teaches posts alone both in Government service and in the service of local authorities in all recruitments made and finalized prior to 01.06.2001 and apply 80% and 20% subsequent to that date. It therefore follows that G.O.Ms. No 674 of 2007 cannot be sustained to the above extent. Thus in respect of Teachers posts it is clear that the writ petitions and the OS a pertaining to them have to be partly allowed and the impugned orders of transfers relating to Teachers in Government service and in the service of local authorities must be set aside remanding those matters back to the concerned educational authorities to redraw the lists as indicated above. The said writ petitions pertaining to teachers are accordingly partly allowed”.
Therefore, the District Educational Officers are instructed to take further necessary action to implement orders of the Hon’ble High Court, duly taking up to the exercise as indicated by the High Court in respect of teachers identified under G.O.Ms.No.610. For this purpose the following committee is constituted .
a. District Collector or his nominee – Chairman
b.Regional Joint Director of School Education concerned – Member
c.District Educational Officer concerned – convener
d.Chef Executive Officer of Zilla Parishad – Member
e.Principal DIET of the district.
f.PO RVM of the district.
The committee is requested to complete the exercise before 20.11.2013 and submit Xerox.

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