G.O MS.No.334 Dated 13.12.2013 Employees Health Cards Data Collection by DDO

G.O MS.No.334, Dated 13.12.2013.AP State Govt Employees Health Cards Data. DDO's Instructions for Employee Data Collection. CFMS. HRMS. https://fdp.cgg.gov.in/FirstPage.do. Health Card Online Data Collection by DDO.
Finance Department – Comprehensive Financial Management System (CFMS) – Human Resources Management under CFMS - Issue of Health Cards to State Government Employees – Online Collection of Employees’ data through Web based application for implementation of HRMS Module and issue of Health Cards – Instructions to furnish the Data – Orders – Issued.
FINANCE (SMPC.II) DEPARTMENT, G.O.Ms.No.334, Dated 13.12.2013
Government has issued orders introducing the Employees’ Health Scheme (EHS) and issue of Health Cards to the employees, their family members and dependents, for cashless treatment at empanelled hospitals.
In order to implement the HRMS (Human Resources Management System) and issue of Health Cards, the Government has decided to collect the data of all Government Employees online through a Web-based application established by the Finance Department Portal. It has been decided to collect the data directly from all the Drawing and Disbursing Officers (DDOs) to obviate delay in the matter
In this context, the Government hereby direct all the Drawing and Disbursing Officers (DDO) in the state to furnish the data relating to all employees mentioned above through web-based application by logging in to the Finance Department portal at “https://fdp.cgg.gov.in” by using their existing log-in ID (DDO code) issued by the Director of Treasuries and Accounts (DTA) using the default password “dataentry”. The detailed instructions are given in the annexure to this order. The relevant forms and the User Manual are available in the website mentioned above. The helpline numbers are also indicated in the above mentioned website for the benefit of the DDOs and other employees
The DDOs shall complete the data entry on or before January 5th 2014. All DDO shall ensure that the required data-forms are printed and supplied to all employees and other functionaries for whom they are drawing and disbursement officers, including subordinate offices and staff.
The Government hereby instructs that the pay and allowances for the month of January 2014 of the employees who fail to submit their data to the DDOs by December 24th 2013 and the pay and allowances of DDOs who fail to upload the data by January 5th 2014, will be claimed only after they submit their data.
Click HERE to download the G.O for Complete information and for DDO's instructions for online collection of employees data.