26.01.2014 Compensatory Working Day Changed 30.03.2014

26.01.2014 Compensatory Working Day Changed 30.03.2014. Rc.No.31/E1-1/2011 Dated 7.12.2013. Republic Day Compensatory Working Day Changed to 30.03.2014 in Seemandhra Districts
Rc.No.31/E1-1/2011, Dated 7.12.2013
Subject: School Education Minutes of the meeting held on 10.10.2013 by the government with the Samaikya Andhra Teachers Joint action committee - School Academic Calendar - Revised Dates communication -Reg
Reference: This office proceedings Rc.No.31/E1-1/2011, Dated 19.10.2013
In continuation of the proceedings in the reference read above, the regional joint director of school education Kakinada, Guntur and Kadapa and the under mentioned district educational officers are informed that a schedule for compensatory working days is worked out for missionary schools and non-missionary schools, the holidays on 15.10.2013, 24.12.2013, 26.12.2013 and 26.01.2014 is mentioned in the reference read above.
In partial modification of orders issued, the following working days prescribed/revised for further necessary action.
Prescribed Working Days - Revised Working Days
15.10.2013 - 11.01.2014
24.12.2013 - 12.01.2014
26.12.2013 - 09.03.2014
26.01.2014 - 30.03.2014

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