G.O Ms.No.11 Dated 09.01.2014 Pensioners IR 27% Interim Relief

AP State Govt Pensioners I.R G.O, G.O Ms.No.11 Dated 09.01.2014. Pensioner Interim Relief G.O No.11. 27% IR G.O for Pensioners
PENSIONS – Sanction of Interim Relief to Pensioners – Sanctioned – Orders – Issued
FINANCE (PENSION-I) DEPARTMENT, G.O.Ms.No.11 Dated 09.01.2014
Read the following:
1. G.O.(P) No.100 Finance (Pen.I) Department dated 06.04.2010.
2. G.O.Ms.No.95, GA (Spl.A) Department, dated 28.02.2013.
3. G.O.Ms. No.10 Finance (PC.I) Department dated 06.01.2014.
In the G.O 2nd read above, orders were issued appointing the Pay Revision Commissioner and also laying down the terms of reference of the Pay Revision Commission. Review of existing pension structure is also one of the terms of reference of the Pay Revision Commissioner.
2. Pending recommendations of the Pay Revision Commissioner, in the G.O 3rd read above, Government issued orders sanctioning Interim Relief to the Government employees at the rate of 27% of the Basic Pay with effect from 01.01.2014 as per the conditions laid down therein.
3. As the review of existing pension structure is also one of the terms of reference of the Pay Revision Commission, Government has considered it appropriate to sanction Interim Relief to the Pensioners also pending recommendations of the Pay Revision Commission in this regard.
4. Accordingly, Government hereby sanction Interim Relief at the rate of 27% of Basic Pension with effect from 01.01.2014 along with the pension payable in the month of February 2014.
5. The Interim Relief sanctioned in paragraph 4 above is subject to the following conditions:-
1. Interim Relief shall be shown as a separate element. No Dearness Relief on this element shall be admissible. Interim Relief involving a fraction of rupee will be rounded off to the next higher rupee.
2. The Interim Relief sanctioned shall be fully adjusted against and included in the package, which may become admissible to the pensioner/ family pensioner as a result of Government decision on the final report of the Pay Revision Commissioner.
6. The Interim Relief ordered above shall apply to
(a) (i) those who retired from service after 01.07.2008 drawing pay in the Revised Pay Scales, 2010;
(ii) those who retired prior to 1.7.2008 and whose pension was consolidated in the light of orders issued in the G.O. first read above; and
(b) Jagir and Estate Pensioners and
(c) Service pensioners or Family pensioners in respect of the categories mentioned at para 2(c) of the GO 3rd cited and who are governed by AP Revised Pension Rules, 1980.
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