G.O Ms.No.16 Dated: 18.01.2014 CFMS Data Collection Date 27th January 2014

AP Govt G.O Ms.No.16 Dated: 18.01.2014. CFMS Data Collection Date Extended to 27th January, 2014
Finance Department – Comprehensive Financial Management System (CFMS) – Human Resources Management under CFMS - Issue of Health Cards to State Government Employees – Online Collection of Employees’ data through Web-based application for implementation of HRMS Module and issue of Health Cards –Instructions to furnish the Data – Orders – Issued – Further instructions – Issued
FINANCE (SMPC.II) DEPARTMENT, G.O.Ms.No. 16, Dated: 18.01.2014
In the Government Order read above, Government issued instructions to all the Drawing and Disbursing Officers (DDOs) to collect and upload data of all categories of employees including contract employees and outsourced personnel through the web based application by 5th January, 2014. In the Circular Memo second read above Government have issued clarifications and also extended the time for online submission of data up to 18th January, 2014.
2. Several Drawing and Disbursing Officers have brought to the notice of the Government certain technical difficulties in uploading the data and have requested for extension of time.
3. After reviewing the progress and the technical difficulties, Government hereby extend the time for submission of data up to 27th January, 2014.
4. Government also here by direct all the DDOs that they should enter the data of all categories of employees including the Contract and Outsource personnel irrespective of the source from where the salaries are drawn. They shall invariably enter the data even where the salaries or remuneration is paid from the funds released directly from the Government of India or drawn from the funds locally generated by the respective units. Necessary changes have been made in the software for this purpose.
5. Government has taken action to make necessary changes in the software to enable all the District Collectors, District Treasury Officers, Pay and Accounts Officers (Works) and the PAO, Hyderabad to add new DDOs and also to reset the passwords for the DDOs where ever required by the DDOs under their jurisdiction. Necessary changes are also been made in the software to enable all the Treasury Officers to review the progress of the data entry under their audit jurisdiction. They have to submit an online report to the District Collector every day regarding the progress made by the DDOs.
6. Government hereby order that in view of the extension of the time up to 27th January, 2014 the pay bills for the month of January, 2014 may be admitted without linking it to the submission of data. However, the pay bill of the employees for the month of February, 2014 may be passed only after the submission of their data.

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