Circular No.25 Employees Data Updation Spark Application

Kerala Govt Circular No.25/2014/Fin, dated 17.03.2014. Kerala Govt Finance Department Circular No.25. Kerala Employees Data Updation in Spark Application. E-Submission of Salary Bills(Spark)

Govt of Kerala, Finance department Circular No.25/2014/Fin, dated 17.03.2014
Subject: Updation of Data of Employees in SPARK Application - Time limit fixed - directions - issued
Ref- 1) Cir No.78001/IT-SF/2012/Fin  dated 19/9/12
2) Cir No.62/2012/Fin  dated  16/10/12
3) Cir No.l5/13/Fin  dated 2/2/13
4) Cir No.78/13/Fin  dated  17/10/13
As per the circular read 1st paper above, detailed instructions were issued to keep on updating the data of all employees in SPARK, As per circular referred 2nd cited, Heads of Department and Head of Ofiices were directed to take immediate steps to complete data entry of all fields in SPARK and subsequently lock the employee details after verfying the authenticity of the entered data by 31st December 2012 and extended the time limit to 28n February 2013 vide the circular read as 3rd paper above.

As per circular referred 4th above, submission of salary bills of all Government offices come under the purview of all District treasuries and then all treasuries in Thiruvananthapuram ond Ernakulam have been made online. Now Government proposes to extend the online submission of salary bills to all offices in the State. This demands that data base of all Government employees have to be validated before fully changing over to the new system. On verification of data in SPARK it is found that the data validation is not complete in many offices despite repeated instructions. ln the views of the above, all the SDOs and DDOs are hereby directed to comply with the following directions to keep the SPARK database updated.


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