G.O.Ms No.48 Dated 19-02-2014 Employees Salary Online

G.O.Ms No.48 Dated 19-02-2014. AP State Govt Employees Online Salaries.

SALARIES – Payments to the Employees through Banks – Payment of salaries and all other
employee payments mandatorily “ONLINE” through Banks - Amendment Orders – Issued

FINANCE (TFR) DEPARTMENT, G.O.Ms.No.48, Dated 19-02-2014.

1) G.O.Ms.No.90, Finance (TFR) Dept., dt:31.01.2002.
2) G.O.Ms.No.508, Finance (TFR) Dept., dt:10.04.2002.
3) Circular Memo No.1225/163/TFR.II/2006, Dt:21.06.2006 of Fin.(TFR.II) Dept.,
4) Letter. No.N1/10389/2012, dt:21.01.2014 of the DTA A.P., Hyderabad.
O R D E R:
In the reference 1stread above, the Government had introduced a scheme for payment of salaries and all other payments of the employees through Banks, while making the scheme optional to the Employees.
2) In the reference 2nd read above, it was ordered that salaries and other payments of the employees, who are yet to exercise their option to open their Bank Account, shall be credited to the Current Account of the Drawing and Disbursing Officer in the Government Bank in the first instance along with the Salaries of those employees who have already opted for the Bank Scheme. In this process, Salaries and other payments of the employees who have exercised their option in favor of opening Bank Account shall be credited to their Bank Accounts and for those employees who have yet to exercise their option shall be paid in cash by the DDO through encashing cheques from the DDOs Account.
3) In the reference 3rd read above, the DTA and PAO were requested to issue instructions to their subordinate officers to ensure that all payments are credited to the Bank Accounts of the employees in the Districts concerned and through Electronic Clearance System (ECS) in respect of the employees of twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad.
4) In the reference 4th read above, the Director of Treasuries & Accounts, A.P., Hyderabad has
requested the Government to issue instructions making mandatory for payment of salaries of all employees duly superseding the instructions issued in the reference 1st read above.
5) In partial modification of the orders issued in the reference 1st to 3rd read above, Government hereby issue the following amendment

6) The Director of Treasuries & Accounts, A.P., Hyderabad and the Pay and Accounts Officer,
Hyderabad and Director of Works Accounts, Hyderabad shall issue necessary instructions to the
Subordinate Officers working under their respective administrative control for strict compliance of
the above amended orders.
7) These orders shall come into force with effect from 01.03.201
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